New "Drugs and Terrorism" Bill Must Be Stopped

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by RMJL, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. **Taking Away More of Our Rights
    ***New "Drugs and Terrorism" Bill Must Be Stopped

    Senators are drafting a "drugs and terrorism" bill that could treat many non-violent drug offenders as terrorists and strip away civil liberties from every American. Unless you tell your Senators "No way!" it could be introduced soon.

    Fax your Senators at:

    It was bad enough that the government used tax payer dollars to produce ads calling marijuana users terrorists. Now things are more serious and the government is trying to create new laws to boost their 'drug war' in the name of fighting terrorism.

    'Vital Interdiction of Criminal Terrorist Organizations (VICTORY) Act of 2003' could turn out to be more devastating for us (the ones these laws should protect) than the PATRIOT Act. The Drug Policy Alliance has been working behind the scenes to secure opposition to the bill in Congress and help remove some of the most dangerous provisions. Now we need your help.

    Most recent drafts of the legislation would expand the Justice Department's already overbearing PATRIOT Act powers to provide extra penalties for drug sellers alleged to provide funding to terrorist groups (even if they do not know that they are connected with terrorists). Dramatically expanding the government's 'big brother' powers, the VICTORY Act also allows the government to spy on citizens without the checks and balances needed to prevent abuse.

    Frightening as it is, Drug Policy Alliance believes that with enough pressure the VICTORY Act can be stopped before it's even introduced. Fax your Senators today to urge them not to co-sponsor or support the VICTORY Act. If Senator Hatch cannot find enough co-sponsors for his legislation, he may be forced to rethink this unnecessary legislation.


    1) Fax your Senators at:

    2) Forward this alert to your friends and family

    A draft of the bill obtained by the Drug Policy Alliance can be read at:
  2. i really dont think enough people are taking this seriously enough.
  3. Does this mean that after this law is passed I, as a cannabis smoker, will be as big of a danger to the USA as Osama Bin Laden? Seeing as they cant catch him they may as well throw a bunch of us potheads in jail and call us terrorists to appease the masses. Seeing as the neices of president Bush use cocaine they should be the first arreasted and prosecuted as terrorists, I mean someone as credible as president Bush could testify against them;
  4. Bah...I sent my letters, but every time I do I get a letter from Rick Santorum saying that "he values my concern"...but the rest of the letter is basically bullshit saying how legalizing marijuana will raise crime rates. It's the same letter every time.
  5. This is bad.

    I sent my letters, but I have a feeling a few months from now I'm going to find out we're all fucked.

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