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  1. Alright so im graduated, and its my last summer before im off to college. I have really only been into weed for the past 6 months, heavy smoker 5-6+ times a day. Now I just started summer 4 days ago and I have tried 2 new drugs which are amazing! Whip-its and X. X is amazing, the past 3 days I have tried: Blue Homers, Green Punishers, White Naked Ladies, and Green Unicorns. I just want to experience an incredible rush, something thats not too expensive, but will make my day with friends incredible.
  2. shrooms
  3. yeah you would definately enjoy some mushrooms sounds like.
  4. mushrooms. and ddue,m try and not roll so much, shit'll catch up to ya quick
  5. RC's (2cx's 2ct-x's dox's jw-o18 jw 73 etc.)
    legal and mind expanding
  6. Well, if you can find high quality coke, I'm sure that would provide you with the rush that you are looking for. Grab a gram and some booze and have an awesome night. Not that I reccomend people begin cocaine use because it tends to turn from occasional use into a habit, watched it happen to a lot of people including myself.

    Psilocybin mushrooms on the other hand, now those are a rush. Get a few clsoe friends together and each eat 2-3.5grams of some zooms and you'll have most likely a great, introspective as well as bonding experience.
  7. if you can find acid, do it. every heavy smoker should try out acid and shrooms.
  8. shrooms are mandotory. there the shit.
    and it sounds like u got a pretty good E connection, your lucky as hell.
  9. either acid or crack, not together though lol
  10. I agree with shrooms. It's one hell of a social drug.
  11. dude acids fucked up acid will fuck u up i wouldnt recomend acid unless yer retarted **** (just my opinion...) but shrooms would be fine..
  12. SHROOMS! I can't wait till I do them again with some of my friends and my brother, which we have discussed. Ya seriously if anything do shrooms. Personally I find anything stronger/harder than shrooms just a poor decision because of the amount of damage that can be inflicted to your nogan. Kinda improtant that it is always functioning :p

  13. You sir fail. Taking acid does not make one a retard and you couldn't even spell that right.:rolleyes:
  14. Oh the irony of this post.
  15. You want a rush? Try coke. Also I don't know if it's like this for everyone but I think smoking it gives a bigger rush, so yeah you might want to smoke it.
  16. Oh and also, be careful because it could turn into a really bad habit.
  17. my honest recommendation is to take a nice shroom trip. Youll enjoy and learn so much about your life and the world afterwards..

    But if you want a rush, for a uppity rush smoke a crack rock, and if you want to feel like you just came out of a snow storm and are now sitting next to a fire drinking hot cocoa then id recommend heroin.

    But both of those are quite addictive and i wouldnt recommend jumping into those.;):wave::wave: SHROOMS.:hippie::hippie:
  18. crack? wtf. thats just stupid
  19. It gives you rush though, and that's what OP is looking for.
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  20. OP said he wanted an incredible rush. Therefore that answer is legit, as was mine. OP didnt state whether or not hard drugs were an option.:smoking::wave:

    ---ninjahd.. plus rep to you {smokinbluntz}

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