New Drug Crosses into the US:

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SoNe_OnE, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. I was watching T.V. and there was this thing on the news today that there is a new drug out called Yabah =) They were talkin about it makes extacy look like asprin =) But more addictive then crack =) They also said that there were over 800 million pills smuggled into HuRm, I dunno somewhere in tha middle east, and said that they just found sign of these pills in the United States. I hope it passes through this way some time soon =).o0 KeeP Ur EaRs OpEn!
  2. all those pills are are a type of meth they are also known as thai pills
  3. yeah I saw that too, I saw how fucked up those addicts become. iunno why you're so damn happy about it. they say later on in the long run it messes up your brain and I saw addicts holding children hostage with huge knives for no reason

    i'm sticking with trees
  4. Yeah you're better off sticking with the weed at least it isn't addictive (just craved a lot lol)....shit like that is bad news...the guy who invented E still isn't sure of any long term affects....he said that he wished that he had never invented it.....but if thats you're choice then i hope if you do get some you end up o.k.......Peace out.....Sid
  5. yeah i'd like to get a hold of some to see whut its all about, i've never heard about it before. I hope some passes by here, but i don't see me getting any. I bet it cost a lot.
  6. it's just meth ... speed ther's no difference it's just in a pill form and the chemical agents that hold it together might be different
  7. Well they said in year 2003 its exposed to be really easy to get all round states. Its just now getting across the borders, and its not that expensive. The market price for em is exposed to be like $5.00. The only reason why i want to try it is because they said it makes xtc look like asprin, and i lub my xtc, Plus i like to expirment drugs do see what there bout like overgroway said. Its gonna be a cheap drug cause its really addictive just like crack -People are alwayz gonna come back for more there for no reason to tax more. Im not thrilled that its comming this way but im a little curious to take some...

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