New Dresser Growbox. Ideas? Help?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by st8_wolf, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Whats up ladies and gentlemen out there. I'm just getting myself aquainted to the website; I'm hoping someone will read my thread and offer me some ideas on my new grow setup. (Fingers crossed).
    I'm using an all-wood clothes dresser. The outside dimensions of the dresser are 49.5" tall X 28.5" wide X 19.5" deep. The inside space that matters, though, is roughly **48" tall X 25.5" wide X 18" deep.**
    The front of the dresser, and sides, will be _stealth_. I have already replaced the fronts of the dresser drawers back onto the dresser, so it looks exactly the same as before, minus actually being able to use the drawers....
    My starting plan is to make a closed-off/boxed-off section at the top of the box for the grow light, with heat ventilation holes (a fan pulling air in, and an exhaust exit). The bottom, and possibly the sides of this closed-off section, I will cover with glass. Now for the remainder of the growing area I will have another fan (near the middle or bottom of the box), and another set of ventilation holes. Obviously both exit ventilation holes will be at the top of the box to release more heat. Both intake holes, where the fans will draw air from, will be on the sides or backside of the dresser. The intake for the growspace will be down near the bottom. The intake for the light, obviously, will be up high on the box within the boundary of the closed-off section. (I'm sorry, I feel like I'm rambling, I'll move things forward..).
    I'll probably be giving up around 6-7" at the top of the box for the light section, so that gives me roughly around 40" of height for plants to grow. I'm planning on painting the inside of the growspace white for light reflection. My friend suggested painting the inside metallic-silver....Anybody have a preference on how to disperse light well? I don't want to do tinfoil b/c that could potentially make noise in my box...
    Last, I plan on growing 2 plants in my growspace. Anyone feel that 2 is too many for this space? Could I grow more than 2 in that space ? (40"x25"x18" ballpark).

    OK SO: I am in need of ideas for types of equipment to use! Any help will be appreciated. I'm not really sure what type of growlight, fans, filters, etc. that would suit me best.
    MY QUESTIONS: I know very little about carbon filters. Do I need one ? Is it worth investing in an O-zone generator to knockout odors ? How else could I combat odor ?
    I'm undecided about hydroponics or watering systems. Should I look into a small hydro system, or would I be better off watering by hand ?

    Willie :confused:
  2. Anyone know how big in diameter that i should make my ventilation holes ?

    ANY IDEAS: Lightbulb(s) ?
    Fans ?
    Hydro-System ? Yes/No
    O-Zone Generator ? Worth it or not ?
    Filter ?

  3. Any type of ozone generator that is that close to your plants or you is bad for you guyz' health... excessive OZONE = bad health, plants and people
  4. Word, Ok, I'll take you word for it. No O-Zone.

    I'm thinking I'm going to use somewhere from a 250w HPS to 400w HPS inside the dresser. Anyone see it differently ?
    I did alittle math, and found that the square footage of the inside is between 8sq.ft. ad 9sq.ft., and normally you plan for 50w HPS per square foot.

    QUESTION: Computer Fans. What are my best bet for computer fans ?

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