New Dresser Grow Space

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by viBe, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Take a look....any ideas for cheap ventilation? and what will a MH or HPS light with the fixture cost?

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  2. im fairly new and have never tryed it but i hear cumputer fans work pretty good and if done right can just have a computer power suppy in the room with a few fans running off it
  3. That's pretty clever, knocking out the bottoms of the drawers... Just make sure nobody opens 'em up quickly once theplants get big, or you'll be left with a stump.
  4. hah, ya I'd nail those drawers shut for sure! whats the height of your dresser? if you want to put an HPS fixture in there you could probably get 150w settup for around $100 I wouldn't want to wait to long to throw them under 12/12 due to your height restrictions,they will have to be lil girls to fit once u got your light and everything in there. Ya computer fans work great and you can just hook them up to an extra computer power source if you have one laying around. Otherwise just hang some cheap fans up in the corners or something. I'll post again when I get home with some links bout aircoolin your bulb good idea for cab grows casue the plants can get closer to your bulb. be back in a few hrs:smoke::smoke:

    PS how's your quarter collection going? I tried and gave up after 6, I needed to go buy some rolling papers

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