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New Downstem Practically free bong.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by fAKdded, May 2, 2006.

  1. I know its nothing special but the bong was free, I fixed it up but a new down stem and stem on it. The other stem was cheap and broke, so I bought a better one. Total Cost for bong 10 $ :) The bowl is fat, you could probably fit a gram in there if it was fine.

  2. i dont hate it :)
  3. Haha nice bong.

    However, since i'm a chick, and that bong has chicks on it, let me go ahead and make that standard GC n00b response of : "yo dude what are you, gay? i'm not hitting a bong with other chicks on it, you gay gaywad!"

    The colors are pretty sweet...are those graphics "sandblasted" on, or stickers, or what? Either way, nice pick up for $10! You'll never see prices like that in a shop!
  4. No regrets for 10 bucks :) I love the bowl and I'd for sure smoke the bong, nice repair dude, now take a vid hehe
  5. Nope, they aren't stickers its actually part of the bong... Thanks guys (And Gals)
  6. Thats bomb, definatly worth $10.
  7. pretty nice bong its just too bad you cant see the smoke in the chamber because its opaque.
  8. ya, i love clearn bongs do you can see the smoke, but i have to admit i do like that one. its pretty sweet with teh lady on it.
  9. not bad homie
  10. Free bongs rip quite nicely says the fool on the hill. But what they didn't know, is the fool on the hill was not the standard run of the mill fool on the hill. In fact, this fool on the hill was no fool at all. He knew.
  11. :eek: WTF I HAVE THAT SAME BONG but IN BLUE ...ordered a RooR ashcatcher for it.

  12. Haha! We do man.... that's cool. Where did you get yours?

    I do like the blue alot better..... wanna trade? :p

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