New Downstem help- Alex K, Ehle, RooR

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  1. Hey guys I'm looking to buy a new downstem to replace my generic 6 slit on my ZOB. Im looking right now at the alex k showerhead, the ehle hole diffuser, or the roor hole diffuser. I need a 18/18 one. Any suggestions which one to get?

    I really wish they made the sg griddeds in 18/18. Does anybody else do that style?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Alex K showerhead for sure.

  3. Out of those you listed, the Alex K is your best bet.
  4. I've never had the pleasure of using a showerhead stem, that I remember... but I do highly recommend Luke Wilson (and replicates) 6 arm downstems.

    That said, my most recently purchased (well my friend purchased it) was a Mobius to replace the one he broke. (I was soooo lucky to find a replacement in town within 30 minutes of breakage. How awesome is that?!?)
  5. i have the illadelph showerhead downstem and also the US tubes showerhead downstem...i think Alex K is similar to these and i love them both
  6. I'm all about the showerhead. Never tried an Alex K but I hear they're real good. The showerhead downstem takes drag and samurai slashes it in half.:smoke:
  7. Thanks for the help guys ima get that showerhead. 50 bucks for a downstem though...damn that's a lot. Haha

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