New double bubbler! Name?

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    So I'm very happy. I went to my local headshop and I got this baby for 40 bucks because they were having a 50 percent off sale. Its super thick glass with gold fuming and awesome 3D designs. Hits super smooth. Help me name it.:D[​IMG]
  2. notty? because your picture is not there?
  3. there are two pictures there man
  4. Very nice. I'd never pay $80 for that but I'd say $40 is fair. Enjoy it man.
  5. that thing is sick, but im not big on naming things, unless an obvious name pops out. just wait until something brilliant comes along, from either you or one of your friends while blazing up

  6. nah man i got it from the Hookah Outlet in Las Cruces, New Mexico
  7. Double trouble
  8. Double the bubble
  9. chinese dragon
  10. deputy double bubble.

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