new double bub stacking

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  1. new double bubbler made by glasstafarian. already posted some pics in another thread, decided to make another for these two vids.
    Dry Hit
    [ame=""]YouTube - Glasstafarian double bubbler stacking[/ame]

    King Kush Hit :D
    [ame=""]YouTube - Glasstafarian double bubbler[/ame]
  2. I love the work on those downstems.
  3. the diffusion looks awesome, and i always love those long cylinder design of dubblers (and the worked downstems :D ), got one myself and the cylinder design seems to stack the best. i bet it would stack bubbles like a gold medalist if the chamber on the showerhead piece was a bit wider to allow bubble mass. hmmm, that gives me the idea to seek out a blower and have a very custom bubbler made ;)
  4. I dig all the glass in the videos my man, especially the Paddy's Pub glass :smoke: The bub kicks ass too ;]
  5. nice bubblers man i like the worked glass where is that blown?
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    Digging the colors ... Smoke happy :bongin:
  7. its blown in new mexico
  8. haha damn dude good eye on the Paddys pub glass.
  9. Lol. What can I say, I love that show. And I really do dig the dub bub. I remember a while back glasstafarian sent out some sloppy work then came on here and made an ass out of himself; and it really turned me off of his work, but things like this are changing my mind about him.
  10. ya i remember seeing all that too. haha ya glasstafarian doesnt have any grammatical sense in any of his e mails. but if your patient he wont do you wrong. that last kid on here was bugging him like every other day with hella
    e mails, so he got tired of all these e mails and "finished" his product. still pretty weak to do but whatever, dont stress out your artist.

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