New DIY Sterlite Cabinet///300w LED (generic)/// Afghan Kush Ryder and Heavyweight Fast and Vast

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  1. Hello all and welcome to my first GC grow journal.

    Circumstances led me to change my previous space and so I was forced to build a grow cabinet.

    I can't figure out how to put images in a post so I'll refer to them in order from now on.

    I decided to go with Walmart's Sterlite Storage cabinet seen here and in my first picture for 50 dollars. I've seem a few people use this cabinet with success.

    I caulked all the open spaces I could and put weather foam for the door. Despite my efforts to light proof the thing still lights up like a lamp. (Pics 2,3,4)

    For lights I'm using a generic 300 watt LED from "topledseller"' on ebay. I've been informed this is not the same as the actual topled company but it is the same exact model as their old 300w.

    I've never used LED before but so far so good.

    The first picture is my Heavyweight Fast and Vast auto. It got light burned and unfortunately looks like it will be a tiny tiny plant. Gave its first nutes today, 1/4 tsp of grow big. It is 27 days old roughly and was previously under 150 watt hps. Looks like a bit of Potassium deficiency which hopefully the grow big will correct.

    The afghan kush ryder was germinated and planted into a mix of FFOF/perlite/peat moss/vermiculite/lime. I decided to heavily cut the FFOF since I've heard it's hard on seedlings.

    The afghan has sprouted in 24 hours (maybe even less) so this thing is taking off! You can see it show it's head in last pic.

    Also I am using a 3 gallon smart pot for the AKR.
    Temps are reaching 90 at top but 82ish at the floor of cab. Anyone think this will be a problem? I'm using a pc fan to cool so far.

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  2. Turns out my temps are way higher than I thought, will be trying my 150 watt hps to see if it's a bit better but I think this pc fan is just not cutting it. Will have to leave doors ajar until I pick up an inline fan next week.
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    Tons of views and no comments! No worries I'm keeping a journal either way for learning purposes!

    Anyway this Afghan Kush Ryder is growing super fast, as I mentioned it sprouted literally overnight and after about 3 days it's looking green and healthy. Been spraying distiller water on it about every other day. Always had a problem with overwatering in previous grows so I'm trying to cut it back and let the plant do it's thing.

    The stunted Fast and Vast is growing a few more hairs and leaf sets, hoping it'll produce at least a few grams but well see about that. Gave it a 1/4 tsp of Grow big over last two waterings. It's in soilless so I water about every other day or two.

    Couple pics of the AKR sprout.

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  4. Stunted Fast and Vast has picked up a couple new leaf sets and is looking better. Like I said even 3.5 off this guy will make me happy after severe light burn as a seedling. Starting to get smelly for 4 inches or so of plant. Little bit of trochee on the leaves and more and more hairs. Think she's about 35 days or so, wouldn't be suprised to see another 4-5 inches at least !

    Afghan Kush Ryder still going good a few days from seed. Can't see in pics but she's still got her helmet on, usually leave the seed casings alone to fall themselves.

    Thinking about my next plant once I harvest the tiny f and v. Thinking either Humboldts Blue dream auto or white widow auto from dinafem. Trying to get stocked on buds before I go into my next phase of 12/12 perpetual photos. We shall see what happens!

    I also have a ton of other good seeds stocked as you can see in the last picture. Gonna run atleast 1-2 more autos before dipping into photos for 12/12 perp.

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  5. Stunted little lady is getting frosty and the Kush Ryder is going good after about a week or so. Temps staying around 80-85 degrees with door ajar until I can get a proper exhaust fan in there.

    Some pictures.

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  6. Also in about a week I'll be starting either Humboldts Blue Dream Autoflower or Dinafem White Widow Auto. Still deciding. Trying to get a little "perpetual" auto grow so I can harvest every couple of weeks.

    Also thinking of getting another sterlite cabinet to have 1 for veg and one for flower. Will see as this cab took quite a bit of time and is still unfinished. Already have out a lot of money into growing in last couple months.
  7. Just a few pics.

    Stunted f and v is frostig up and looking beautiful.mactually gaining some height.

    afghan Kush Ryder is probably the nicest start to a seedlimg I've had. Have high hopes for it. I believe it's about 10 days from seed.

    Lastly a nice group shot of the two. Cab still under construction.

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    Just a little update and pics.The little Fast and vast is about 46 days old. Should he finished around Nov. 14th.Afghan Kush Ryder is getting big very fast now and is about 19 days from germination.

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  9. Little bit of updated pics. Afghan Kush Ryder is outgrowing my stunted f and v that is about a week or two from harvest. Some pics from a few days ago and I'll take some from tonight later.. Will be sprouting blue dream auto from humboldt shortly.

    Ryder is green and luscious!

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