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New dispensary in Westlake Ca?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SketchyD, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I live in calabasas and i recently heard a rumor that someone opened up a new dispensary in Westlake close to Oaks Christian high school.

    Can anyone confirm this?
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I heard the same exact rumor. Can anyone please confirm this?
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    I found it yesterday on the internet and went. Its 31164 la baya dr. #207 Westlake Ca.
    when u see the address for the building drive to the back and its on the second floor. Its sick u get a free gram just for going ur first time (u dont have to buy anything first), and every new patient that goes in and says that you refered them gets you a free gram. They just have to tell the place ur name.
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    Thanks a lot for the update man, I appreciate it. Tell me your name, and you can get a referal from me... Just an idearrr...
  5. David Begg. thanks alot
  6. I will see if they say its cool, I already went in there yesterday tho. The place is extremely expensive, not the highest quality flowers, really dry actually, very nice and friendly staff. They had a very large, kind of higher end shop. It is located in the far back corner of this commercial complex. They did give me a free gram of sour D, but it was really dry and pre-weighed. Definitely not a good thing to be giving people a bunch of pre-weighs, but it was free. I did like their 1/8 and 1/4 containers, all glass with a screw on/off lid, very nice! I will have to do a more formal write up of the place soon. Their caps seemed to go up to 70 or more, and they had 25 dollar grams :confused: anyways, hope this helps. Maybe in a couple weeks their prices will come down. i have heard rumors of a 45 cap an eight club opening up close to them soon, hope that they get their shit together by then, lol.
  7. yea it is a little more expensive than other places but its convinient for people like me who dont want to drive to the valley to get my meds.
  8. I took in 2 new patients today, my friends. i only got a referral gram for one of them, and they didn't get anything for free at all. the first time I went I got a free G for spending 20 bux, but they gave it to me before I even bought anything. My friends were not really happy with the quality and sparse choices they had for medicine. On their new flier right in their own shop, it says on the back, "Free Gift to all new patients" :eek: . My friends didn't get anything. I was pretty stoked I got a G, but I know I probably could have got one for each of them on separate days, lol, but it's free. I just hope they understand how quickly word travels in this town, and how quick business' make it or break it out here. I hope they make it. they said they were working on lowering all the prices and offering more choices. I give this place a 3 out of 5 stars for now, maybe a full 6/10. They have a lot of potential, and I hope they really look towards true patient compassion, and not the money. We will have to wait and see...
  9. I actually went to this Westlake dispensary last Sunday. It is a serious pain in the ass to get there, but being a former West Lakian, I was able to find it pretty easy. If anyone needs specific directions, just PM me. They got some potent meds and their location ensures a leisurely sales pace.
  10. Wednesday Westlake City Council will hold a hearing for AHS (Amazing Healing Supply), an Medical Marijuana Co-op in Westlake. Whoever shows up, and is registered already as a patient there, gets 2 free Sugar Kush Joints, and 2 more for everyone they bring with them, registered or not. Im gona get about 6-10 if I get enough people to come, lol. The owner is really a great guy, runs the place by the books, to the T! He is paving the way for co-ops to come out here to Ventura County by proving it can be done safely and securely. Medical Marijuana is California's #1 cash crop now since 2006, and remains way out in front of other crops such as avocados, corn and strawberries. People have the right to choose their own medicine, whatever works for me might not work for you. Medical marijuana isn't for everyone, but those who need it and or enjoy it shouldn't be denied access to it in their county, and forced to drive 50 miles to LA to get what they are legally allowed to obtain by state law. Also, Federal law is supposed to exist to embrace and support individual state laws, while remaining unified under the name The United States of America. Freedom is freedom. you can't have freedom with exceptions, especially if those exceptions are based on fear and a poor understanding of the truth of a plant. Please show your support, even if you are not a patient. If you think people should be able to get their meds here locally and not have to drive all the way to LA to get them, then I will see you there.

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