"New" disease in Uganda?

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  1. Finally! Time too pull out the shotguns and kick some arse!
  2. i knew it was only a matter of time :(
  3. My God, it's existed since the 60's!

    We're all going to die!
  4. Any more input?
  5. crazy shit, i wonder if its related to kuru
  6. My opinion is it's due too inhalant abuse as I have heard children are likely too use toxic fume's too get high over there. Inhalant abuse could cause these symptoms, (seizure, loss of motor-cordination, violent behavior, delusional thinking)

  7. Umm no. Are you stupid or stoned? They have a disease, not inhalent abuse
  8. That shit cray..
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    They have provided NO pathogen responsible for the disease, nor the cause of the symptom's of this disease.... Therefor, with the doctor's and scientist's still looking what this really is how is it stupid to not consider this definitively a "disease"? Certainly, other thing's can mimic the impairment's caused by known diseases?

    Point too a known disease, or pathogen that caused this behavior and symptom's in these poor people. Then call me stupid
  10. Shit well guess that new flu virus did get out, fuck man weez all fuct herpde derp
  11. all Walking Dead jokes aside, this is seriously fucked. At this point I have so little trust in our government that my first thought was, "THEY did it." but regardless of what caused it very very sad.
    you're going to be an interesting one 2012, yes you are.
  12. What. The. Fuck.
  13. I need Shawn and his cricket bat.
  14. I think the word zombie may be a bit of an exaggeration lol
  15. [quote name='"biggg bassset"']I think the word zombie may be a bit of an exaggeration lol[/quote]

    Seems fit..

    "They often find themselves paralyzed by the seizures, dragging themselves along with the blackflies"

    Like.. Fuck dude.

  16. Stop thinking of the stereotypical zombie

    this isn't the only zombie, kind of zombie, w/e
  17. we've used zombie as a synonym for mindless for awhile, so its not that exaggerated.

  18. That about says enough for me.
  19. Damn I feel sorry for my fellow Africans in Uganda.

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