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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by stones84, May 9, 2006.

  1. I have discovered a new method of growing marijuana.

    I grow it in an aireated nylon pressurized water tank, filled with a nutrient solution and a type of oil that lets the plant breathe through water.
  2. cool, post a pic :smoke:
  3. A breakthrough in cultivating marijuana!!!
  4. sounds cool, some pics would be great.
  5. correct me if im wrong, but it sounds like pressurized hydroponics to me sorta

    also, maybe a lil more info on that "oil" that lets the plant breathe through water...oil isnt generally that nice to inhale or eat so i would be careful and see if it affects the plant somehow.

    isnt nylon the stuff they make stockings out of? :confused:

    good luck with this new technique
  6. so the whole plant is growing in this "chamber" thats pressurized and nutes flow through the root systyme gotta post some pics .... cuz i think you're just growin in a bubble bucket..... D.W.C.(deep water cultuivation) has been here for quite a long time.
    i ALWAYS do a bubble bucket expieriment with every grow .... if i had the room id do all of em like this ... it is very effective .......:smoke:
  7. DWC is awesome... all i gotta say...
  8. D.W.C, or DEEP WATER CULTURE, as I thought it stood for, (who cares if its cultivation or culture) has indeed been around for a long time. It works by beneficially enhancing root systems with oxygen via water and air. This method often involves HUGE root systems in DEEP pales whose air supplies are frequently replenished. It takes a long time to "veg" a plant effectively for t his method, but in the end, gives results that sometimes even surprises her "daddies"

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