new dinosaur clay sculpture

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  2. Thats pretty cool =D Dinosaurs pwn
  3. gotta love the dinosaurs! especially the........ allisaraus is it?

    either way, nicely done!
  4. i made a sweeeet gnome chillin on a mushroom with a pipe in his hand a few months ago
    but that is a sweet dino man. kinda reminds me of gozilla
  5. spinosaurus was actually larger than t=rex which i find pretty cool

    this is an allosaurus

    iv always been interested in dinosaurs... as you can prolly tell by my avatar
    id like to pursue a career in paleontology
  6. wow how long did that sculpture take you?

  7. ah yes! the spinosaraus, i should've known! I had a dino party when i was in 3rd grade...that was the depth of my love for them.

    paleontology would be cool. I have a friend who is studying anthropology with empasis on paleontology, i'm kinda jealous of him. But then again, I'd much rather stick with what I'm doing(studying Respiratory Therapy) with a career in healthcare...
  8. Wow, dude thats really impressive. The only thing i accomplish in Clay is making little ceramic bubblers and bowls :p
  9. well 3 hours of today class and I spent 1 hour on it last thursday... so thats 4 hours so far. I wanna put another good hour into it.

    thats cool.. healthcare u get to save lives and make good cash
  10. Looks awesome. :)

    If you want to be really accurate, add a little more to the belly/midsection and make it overall a little more robust.. maybe lengthen the neck if you can. He looks a little puny in comparison to all the pictures, but I guess it depends on what kind of depiction you're going for.

    Don't get me wrong though, I like it.

  11. yea it needs work, i gotta add more to the midsection and do other stuff. nowhere near the finished product
  12. You've always had an avatar that I remembered, and I actually saw a shirt of it the same place I got my avatar. I was expecting to see that dino, but this one is cool too, keep on sculptin

  13. haha i wanted to make a predator... not some pussy ass brontosaurus

  14. wtfff? Thats sweet! Lol, I use to have a dinosaur book, its at my parents house now tho.. im sure I've probly read that somewhere or other but since everyone apparntly seems to think t-rex is the biggest and baddest, thats just what sticks in my head :rolleyes: Haha that dino book would be intersting to read while high, lots of cool pix in there.
  15. Awesome! I so want to try clay sculpting now :D

    The first one you made was cool too, how long does your clay class run? Couple sessions or like a few months?
  16. right before it was taken to the kiln


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