New DILLA 2nd Yancey Boys album dropped 9/17

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  1. New Yancey Boys album with some amazing lyricism doin' Dilla justice!  If you haven't heard about James Dewitt Yancey (aka J Dilla), it is never too late to learn.  
    RIP Jay Dee, your music will live on to guide us to the most high!  :smoke:



    Also upcoming album collab MadGibbs (Madlib n Freddie Gibbs), this is the last EP before the album drops.  All three of the EPs (Thuggin', Shame, n Deeper) are fiya.  I was so ecstatic when I heard one of my favorite beats from the Madlib Medicine Shows being used.  
    The instrumental is "Love/Hate" off Medicine Show #11: Low Budget High Fi Music by Madlib.

    Freddie also appears on Radio Los Santos in GTA V

  2. Fisherman is my shitttt
  3. I cant tell if this thread is about gta V, dilla, or freddie gibbs :laughing:
    Im cool with it thoo
  4. if it turns into a discussion about gta v i am out
  5. either you have a disdain for GTA games, or everyone and their brother is talking about the game around you IRL. Since noone can hate GTA games, im assuming the second option  :smoke:
  6. correct
    Yea sorry about that, I just didn't want someone to be like "Who da fuk is Freddie Gibbs!?"  Figured most people who enjoy hiphop also bought GTA haha.
    Time to steer this thread in the right direction with somadat rare ish!  

    This is off the '97 Batch, rare as hell, so if anyone has it I would GREATLY appreciate a PM.   ILL SUK YO DIK!!!!   notrlytho
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    yo that was hot
    I never really got into dilla or just like.. listening to beats-- so you mind posting some more of his work that you like?
    never heard of yancey boys before either so imma check out what you thrown up in post 1
  9. @[member="llllllllll"] for someone with good music taste im surprised you haven't heard of illa j/yancey boys
    their debut album releases oct 15 i believe. sunset blvd. those are the only tracks they've dropped so far ^
    here's some of my fav stuff from illa 

    and my fav j dilla ep

  10. My homies first showed me the Yancey Boys Instrumentals and I always loved this beat, didn't really like Illa J at first and would listen to just instrumental.  Now I listen to the lyrics, its that underground soul my brotha!!



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