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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ice, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. ok heres my plants are now at 12" or better , i was gonna start flowering last night , before i put the hps conversion bulb in i decided to try it to make sure it worked , which im glad i did , cuz the daffy thing isnt workin... so my dilema is , i have ordered a new hps system , but it wont get here for 3 weeks :( so my dilema is the height i have to grow in over all is like 6' 7" , after the light and height of the 5 gallon buckets and height of the plant it leaves me about 4 - 5 ft , my plants have been growing from 1/2 inch to 1 " per day , any way i can slow it down or curb the growth a bit till my hps gets here? any ideas would be greatly appreciated........ the conversion bulb that isnt working , gets hot at the base of the mogul socket , but never lights up..... i think i have a feelin im up the creek without a paddle also , anyone know where i can get activated carbon?
  2. hmm i always thought it had to have that orange light for flowerin
  3. anyone else got any comments on this? just wanna make sure its ok to do that or not?
  4. maybe u could clip the tops so that u get bushyier plants.

    but i think that u could get it started with the MH.
  5. floro's keep ur plant nice n bushy...haha
  6. ohh they are bushy , they are better than 1 ft tall , and probably about the same in width from the center stalk , well anyway i started the 12/12 last night , so well see what happens , hey guys answer me one more question , i just bought a 400 watt hps system with ballast , chrome reflector,and light bulbs for it , came with both sodium bulb and mhalide conversion bulb, got it for $135.00 american...... that sound like a good deal?
  7. yes.....well does to me......Peace out......Sid

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