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NEW Diffused Sidecar pickup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DELTAnineTHC, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. #1 DELTAnineTHC, Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 23, 2008
    i got this from a place here in houston called BC Smoke Shop. They always have amazingly beautiful and original pieces. Made by a local blower know simply as Eric, so in his honor, and in the honor of Eric Wareheim from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! i give you Wareheim the Soul Harvester! ill try to get a vid of me hitting it up soon. The bowl is huge, i can fit my thumb up to my knuckle in it comfortably, it can hold 1-2gs so i have to be really careful when i pack it. Marked at 139.99, i picked this badboy up for a smooth bill... let me know what you blades think!


    Now if you look closely you can see the three slits on the downstem in this second picture

    my camera doesn't really do it justice but you can see how intricate and tasty it is still :)

    oh ya and if anyone is interested they got an AMAZING bubbler that is supposedly from some badass famous glass blower, didn't catch who, for ONLY 1000$! lol i couldnt imagine paying that for a bubbler unless it fucking made you cough up gold...
  2. I love the colors on your piece. You should take a picture of the 1,000 dollar bubbler for that price it must be insane.
  3. very nice piece. Where is BC Smoke Shop in Houston?
  4. hey good glass pickup. they recently opened up a bc smoke shop around here. 2 months ago. its definately got some great glass
  5. verahh nice! i'd say its worth every penny you spent on it. the colors look amazing!!
  6. dude, tim and eric awesome show great job is like my favorite show, ever.
  7. Nice bubbler man! I'm in South Houston and I just picked up a new bubbler as well.
  8. Looks like a nice sidecar, but I can't give a rating until I see better pics. Don't blame the camera, dude, you just need better lighting.
  9. wow, that is amazing!!! I LOVE THE COLORS
  10. It's in this strip center where FUQUA crosses over 45. if your going down fuqua from HWY3 to 45 go over then take a left at the light and turn into the strip center on the right, its right between sunny dental and bayou city wings, kinda small but worth it. guy told me they are getting in some double and tripple tree perced tubes on thursday for 2-3bills

    ill see what i can do about these pictures, im using the cam built into my macbooc heh so its always got the glare from my screen...
  11. tell me how this is, i turned down the glare from my computer but the screen still flashes white when i take the picture. if these arent good enough somekind i dunno what would be :p it definitely doesnt do the piece justice...

  12. that shit is pretty fuckin sick
  13. hell yeah..your sidecar is dope.

    but what i really want to see is that 1000 dollar bubbler. Was it autographed by Michael Jordan or something? :D
  14. good, LORD.
    that's beautiful
  15. Damn dude, thats a sick ass sidecar bubb. The colors are amazing and that diffused stem makes it 1000X times better. Would love to get my hands on one, preferably a double bubb.
  16. + rep man, sweet headie piece... want to get one of them meeself hahah..
  17. plus rep for the sickass name love that show plus tom goes to the mayor
  18. simple, nice basic sidecar!

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