New Diamond Grind Mini Grinder

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    Picked up this little 4 piece grinder. It minces the bud really nice, and makes it mad fluffy:D.

    Its also great at collecting kief. So far I've put about .2 through it.:smoke:
    P.S.: Click on the pics to magnify.

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  2. I'd stick my bud in it.

  3. Lol

    How much was it?

  4. 25 bucks:cool:
  5. Nice pickup. I have the blue mini. They are great grinders from my experience. Bravo:hello:

  6. For sure, working great so far! My buddy has the green looks wicked:smoke:
  7. slick looking grinder man, i got a sharpstone myself:D

  8. I was looking at sharpstones also, but I feel like for the price, the Diamond grind was a much better buy.

  9. That's hot.
  10. Wow thats very nice and clean looking. If Im ever gonna get a new grinder Im for sure gonna get one of those.

  11. Thanks man, yeah I love how I can just leave it on my desk at work, any no one has a clue what it is:smoke:
  12. Did you get it online or at your local shop?
  13. got this same guy but in yellow, and then a slightly larger one in red for home complaints whatsoever, Diamond Grind makes great grinders.

    Good kief collectability too. Enjoy that shit, esp. in the black (I'd have gotten that if I could've)

  14. A yellow one? that sounds sick!:D And yeah Im kind of flabbergasted at the amount of kief it collects:smoke:
  15. Hmmm... my shop doesnt have em and I cant seem to find there website =/
  16. Damn, that's a shitload of kief for only grinding up .2gs. Nice!

    Kief screen on my grinder was dirty and I didn't realize it, so for like 2 months I was wasting all my fucking kief -___-.

    Anyways nice buy!

  17. Oh yeah thats key! I always shake out my kief screen after each grinding to ensure as many trich's fall through as possible, and aren't left stuck in the middle chamber.:smoke:
  18. I'm guessing you're going through every old Diamond Grind thread on the site, and bumping threads for your own advertisement.

  19. Fresh to death son.

    Zip it up and zip it out

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