New delta 9 mini bong.

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  1. So I just picked up this delta 9 bong from the local headshop (Flavor). It's 1/2 GonG I suppose, rubber stopper on the downstem but a normal GonG joint for the bowl. Diffused downstem as well as ice pinches made this a good buy for $54 (sticker price 60, 10% off).

    It rips...I'll put more pics of it (milkshot) tommorow if I remember to.

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  2. solid piece man i got a delta 9 ashcatcher for my lux and love it you should invest in one too itll save you the trouble of cleaning your bong on the reg
  3. Thanks man, yeah I was actually thinkin about picking one up sometime this week cause I got a little extra cash.
  4. any idea where i can get a downstem for one of these? have the same one but the bottom broke off! cant find a new one anywhere
  5. im sure if its glass on glass, most any headshop will sell you one. otherwise idk what ur talking about bottom breaking off?

    either way, delta 9 has treated me great, i love these bongs. glad you got one and joined the family :p
  6. anybody know what mm the entrance is? ie what mm the head and ashcathers would need to be?
  7. I got almost the same bong, except its dark blue w/ gold logo but like 2 inches taller and all GonG. Shit you got a great deal on that, mine was 109$, but definitely worth it. I love the clear, i woulda grabbed one but the price difference was 45$ for a clear when i could get a dark blue WITH a diffuser for cheaper

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