New Delta 9 Mini Beaker

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  1. So I got a used beaker for free but it was like a toilet covered in resin everywhere.. I cleaned it and it looks great now. Anyone ever had a delta 9?
    It's 5mm thick and 10 inches tall, 4 inch base diameter. Thanks for reading! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1399917203.828843.jpg

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  2. Thats cool

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  3. wow nice freebie, delta 9 used to be fairly popular (at least here on the west coast) before dabbing and bho took off. after that, a lot of the smaller glass companies seemed to fade since all they made were flower tubes/beakers. i aalways loved that label, last i remember the company is based in sfv cali somewhere, theyve been getting into more recyclers and concentrate pieces now, but their tubes are where they shine the most i feel.
  4. I happen to live in the sfv :D but yeah they do a lot of oil rigs and stuff like that now.

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