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new dealer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin_orc, May 11, 2006.

  1. i just talked to my new dealer last night after a night class i had and i asked her if she would be willing to sell me an 1/8th for 40 or and O for 100. she said tht would be fine and since she gave me a sample of it i think it would be worth it wht do u guys think?
  2. Why would you pay 40 for an eigth when an ounce is 100. That does not sound right to me. What kind of bud is that.
  3. Yeah thats really weird.

  4. Thats exactly what I was thinkin. Cause around here $40 an 1/8 bud is gonna be dank. But $100 a O will be regs. Im confused:confused:
  5. One thing I know is that this probably shouldn't be in Seasoned Tokers.
  6. eh not a big deal. But I do agree its really wierd 40/8th 100 an ounce????
  7. ya sometims up.. or shes like some dealers and has 2 dif bags.. some mids osme beast.. the beast is gonan run u 40 and the mids is gonna run u the 100
  8. yep.. maybe she only sells 1/8th's of her "good shit" for $40 but no oz's and she sells an oz of "regular shit" for $100..
  9. 100 an o for bud....your gettin robbed cause it's not bud....100 an o for regs and your gettin ripped off cause regs is 50 tops for an if its some zone...(mids) than thats about right but.....who buys 1/8's of mids?'d better talk 2 her more b4 she pulls a jux and your assed out!!
  10. well its is damn good bud.......she gave me a sample of it and it only took me like 1.5 hits and i was fried............and i knw it was good bud........white widow i think. well i think i well get a half O for 50 so i will get a damn better deal....
  11. This thread is odd.
  12. You are either getting an awesome deal or you are getting fucked. But 50 for a half o of white widow sounds way to cheap
  13. yea no shit but the dealer im going thew is a friend of my sisters and is a huge tweaker and use to have a thing for me but now that im engauged she backed off and i knw she wont do anything with the weed since i have smoked with her quite a few times and shes pretty cool to smoke with but a little to loud i like to talk quitely and enjoy my high but oh well
  14. yo, if you're sure its straight, even if its mids, go for the O, roll some blunts
  15. im not really a blunt smoker...........i like either my pipes or my mini bong or even a jay once in a while

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