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New dealer

Discussion in 'General' started by IndieSmoker, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Alright /weed/ put your serious faces on.

    I used to buy off my high school friend but now he is not dealing anymore because the cops are on him. So he gave me his dealer's number who he buys off of. The problem is, he is a 33 year old ex-steroid user who still lives with his mom, that is hard to buy off if its your first time. This guy is one of the biggest dealers in my area, and can sell to me cheap. I went with my high school friend to his place one time to get some weed but he texted my friend saying to not bring me along because he doesn't know me. So I waited across the road. My friend said to him that I wanted to buy off him, so he said to give me his number.
    My friend said, when i am buying off of him, don't be scared, he will know and rip me off. Also don't be nervous, and try to look him in his eyes but look calm, and try to see the weed first hand or else he will steal the money.

    Another problem is that I still need to text him. To make him trust me, because he is very paranoid, like always saying "look around for cops before you come to my house." So what do I say to him to make him trust me?
    So what should I text him, and what should I do when I come to his house?

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