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new dealer only sells niks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by YoooJess, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I met this new guy in the neighborhood he only sells nickel bags I'm not a heavy toker i usually buy an eighth but i picked this up for $15 just to test out what he had to offer

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  2. i would find someone else, what you gonna do if you want a couple zones? Thats like a couple hundred little bags
  3. That's like 1.5 grams. Sounds like a deal to me.
  4. looks like some straight up kill bro, for 5 dollars a bag not bad.
  5. Thats probably about a gram. i dont see the point of him selling 5$ bags, that shit is way too ghetto lol

    I dont even consider that a dealer.... I pick up half ounce minimum; would he give me 56 bags? lol
  6. well its kinda hurt that theyr all p5s cus if u get an eighth and get busted it will look like ur dealing.....Ask him in advance to put it in one bag because that will also save him trouble.

    \on the other hand if you get bigger buds you will get more stems, so do ur thing
  7. $5 bags is rediculous, but that looks like a deal for $15 to me!
  8. Find someone else, it sucks having that many bags cuz if you have mutiple small bags of buds youl get in shit..can get charged for trafficing.... it can happen and its not worth buying off of "shitty" "kiddy" dealers like that ....its usually just bullshit and more bullshit with them most of the time.
  9. im thinking most of the people posting dont know what theyre talking about. alot of dealers do it this way. theyll reup and bag all theyre weed, maybe 25 nick bags 15 quater bags and a few halfs. they do it all the day of that way they have it ready to go based on the need of the buyer i guess. if you buy a q i bet it will be one bag.
  10. I'm thinkin you dont know what you're talkin about.
    I have multiple dealers and they all weigh to order.
  11. looks like good bud to me, good deal....the nugs look .5 or so to me
  12. I'm thinking you buy your ganj from a crack dealer.
  13. I wish a gram cost 5$ where I live a gram is £10 for the shit weed, or £100 for 14g aka half ounce and double that for the full ounce, and any nice weed they get its like £12.50/15 a g or 3.5g for £50 and its normally not worth it,
    Last time u checked 1$ was like £0.65 so 10$ £6.50 so a half ounce(14g) would be like $50 which is £26 god u need to move country
  14. Daaaaamn £50 for 3.5g?
    Is that high for the area, or is that how much it goes for over in the UK?
  15. Good looking bud, not bad prices, but in the long run if you smoke A LOT it isn't really a deal.
  16. That's for the better weed but yeah I'd say high. N.ireland life's all about gettin ripped off on everything
  17. Shitty weed is 7g for £50 if uve someone goin half on 14g £100 otherwise ur £50 gets u 5g of shitty weed
  18. Nah UK prices arnt all bad.. just some places

    I can get oz for £180 . dank
  19. Great deal, appears to be decent bud too, so nice job

    But $5 bags? That is hood as fuck. Even all the ghetto as fuck street dealers me sell dimebags hahaha, only nickel bags is like a whole different level of ghetto

    you should buy a half ounce, just cause it'd be funny to see how he packages it. one time I got an o of some [shitty] blue dream off some kid in HS, it was fucking 28 single gram bags, with a few of the bags saying shit like 'DUB SAKK' with poorly drawn marijuana leaves and shit a dumbass highschooler would draw. it was like a 30-32 gram ounce which was cool, but fuck

    didn't buy off him anymore
  20. i'd definitely keep this guy in your back pocket.
    4 for $15 aint bad at all, especially at the apparent quality and quantity of the bud, however i wouldn't use him as a main connect unless he offers eighths and up at good prices.
    worst case scenario: you use this guy if and when your other connects are dry and/or
    if you wanna pick up for a couple sesh's

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