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new dealer new prices...worth it? u decide

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smoketilldeath-, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. so i got this new dealer

    as u guys know from my last dealer if uve read the post before this he got extremelty shadyand started ripping me off so i took it as a loss and moved on

    so i got this new guy

    and im making a deal with him tommorow
    ive known him for a year now but has never bought from him but i knew about his sale

    he sells 3 grams of the dankiest shit ive seen for 15 to 20 a gram

    so i got somewhere to 50-60 bucks on me

    and planning on getting 3 grams of this dank stuff
    do u think its worth it?? to pay so much for little weed

    i mean i havnt seen a true 3 grams in a while though cause i have been dry forever up untill about 2 weeks ago where i bought from my shady dealer

    so im asking u guys post some pics of 3 grams of dank shit here mabey it will let me decide whether or not to buy or not

    and if u cant post pics just lemme know what u think
  2. this is the seasoned toker forum. everyone posting here should know about what 3 grams of dank looks like. we cant tell u a value without seeing the bud. i think u want a diff subforum.
  3. solve your problems and get yourself a scale.
  4. Should look like about a single finger lined bottom of a sandwich bag across.. The quality is of course a big issue as well with price.. If your dealers know you have a scale they treat you better... And If you know that an eighth(3.5g) is worth no more than 50$ EVER!!!!!! I don't have any pics of 3 grams at the moment.. But maybe I will swing by the dispensary and show you an eighth bag tomorrow if I'm not too lazy..
  5. dude tell him you want an eighth not 3 grams!
  6. this is a weee bit less than an eighth
    yeah it was taasty i paid 60 for this.
  7. Looks VERY dank. Does not look like an 8th though. Unless it is very dense.
  8. hell yah man pick that shit up! seems like you don't smoke much some people blow that much money in one day on i say go for it, you will appreciate it if its good

  9. well. your wrong. have a nice day:wave:
  10. lol theres been some dankity dank around here thats more than 50$ an 8th...

  11. Dude... You live in Cali. Of course an eighth isn't worth more than 50 there. I wouldn't even pay 50 for an eighth up here in OR.
    But you gotta remember it's all about location. For some people, 50 an eighth would be a steal. Just how it goes in some places.
    Likewise, I'm sure there are plenty that would laugh at us for paying more than 25 an eighth.

    Location, location, location...
  12. alot of u have great answers and yes it does matter on location

    i live in texas
    there was a huge drug bust of marijuna coming into dallas and ever since then its been pretty dry to get almost anything shrooms, acid, i think they busted for shrooms to

    idk bout acid though

    but when this guy told me 50 for an 8th i was like :eek: seriously

    i used to get 60 by the 1/4 th

    so i dont see why it would be more

    i mean if im getting only an 8th to spit between me and an other person this better be the dankiest most potent shit ive ever touched

    but this dealers all i got for now so untill i find someone better im pretty much stuck where im at

    mabey ill go to the infamous "wall" at school to hang out with the people smoking pot during lunch to see if i can make a deal
  13. if the guy is slanging dank he should have a scale
  14. hmmm....1/8, 1st let me say iv not dealt w/sm amts since the early 80s, of nycd is 1 bud, an 1/8 of bog bubble, is one bud, 1/8 of purple affganis hash plant fills the bottom of a bag, 1/8 of buddha sister is very small, 1/8 of green crack is couple small buds....u can not tell the weight by siti unless u know the pot. All the above iv tons of hands on w/. some blueberrys and mr. nice make big fluffy bags.

    hm now i guees i need to smoke all these 1/8s i just weighed cant put it back. iv touched it......:smoke:iv a rep to uphold.....

    some weed is heavey as rocks, some like cotton....i can tell u the weight by placing it in my hand,,,,,,,usually .5 to 1 g over everytime....n/j

    check out my gallery.....theres some of my nycd and gc in there....i can post all the others iv spoke of

    man im glad im grown......40s r nice.:eek:

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