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New dealer is dry. quick question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yavrule, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone. I was referred to a new dealer yesterday because everyone in my town is dry and my friend said she wouldn't be. After calling her i found out that she was also dry. She told me to check back later and i didn't think to ask so now i'm asking GC.
    How long should i wait before i check again? wanna wait long enough for her to get a new supply but i don't have much experience in how long that could take. And i don't want to annoy the hell out of her before i even buy from her.

    thanks in advance.
  2. give it a couple of days, ask again.
  3. I would probably wait about a week or so before I called again, cuz if the whole town is dry it might take her a bit longer to get some from her supplier.
  4. yeah at least a couple days. sucks that everyone else is dry on top of it
  5. Haha my dealer, I would blow his phone up the next day. Normally where I'm from most dealers reup within 24 hours of being dry.
  6. You live in Cali where the bud never stops flowing so no Cali is never dry, lucky bastards lol.
  7. yea its awesome XD
  8. I'd take later to mean later in the day. So if you first called her at 1 or 2 in the afternoon, call her back around 7 or 8.
  9. She's probably gunna call back when she re-ups.

  10. thats how it is in vegas.. when my dealer needs to re up sometimes it only takes an hour for him to be completely restocked.
  11. Call her back same bat-time tomorrow.

    And if she is still out, finish the conversation with something like.. "So, I'll hit ya up next week/this weekend OK?" her answer should tell ya when shes expecting it.

    Good Luck!:smoking:
  12. Tell her to hit you up once she re-ups.
  13. Thanks for all the replys everyone. I got a hookup with someone who got back from maine. I'll check with my dealer later this week.
  14. Right now is bad for anyone runnin outdoor grow operations cuz its the end of the season. you need to find someone that has pounds year round from indoor ops.
  15. A major police operation left most of my dealers dry or at least unwilling to shot for several days. Thankfully, I knew guys on the other side of my town :smoke:
  16. i wouldent wait to long, as soon as my drug dealer is dry the next day he goes out and picks up another 2 o's depends on the person i guess.
  17. If my dealer is dry i usually call him back like 2 hours later and he has bud

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