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New dealer could lace

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by vincentlink, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. #1 vincentlink, Mar 21, 2012
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    One of my good friends (very unreliable so I don't buy from him often and he understands why) who sells weed hooked me up with a middleman who hooked me up to a real dealer. So after buying 2g of some dank shit, my friend says all of the sudden he might lace it with Unmetionable that starts with Mush and maybe pain killers. Would I be able to feel the difference from it being laced? Would it make me sick? Also does it look any different? Thanks everyone :smoke:.

    I haven't brought from him yet, he just said he did it to my friend to try and get him hooked so he might do it to me.
  2. Mush as in psilocybin mushrooms? If so this thread is a joke, your bud isn't laced. Relax.
  3. Not asking if it is laced, but my friend said the kid did it to him, so why wouldn't he do it to me. I mean the mushrooms that make you trip balls. And pain killers like Oxycotin or whatever it is called. I wanted to know if it would feel different, look different, and be hazardous towards my health.
  4. How does your weed look? Is it all ground up?
    Surely you'd be able to see bits of mushroom in it and pills.
    It's probably not laced IMO because why would he bother?
  5. That would just be a waste of money. Why just give that shit away. Also you say he is your good friend but u can't buy from him. That just sound like a shady ass friend I wouldn't even want to be associated with
  6. cant smoke mush. opiates you would clearly see on the bud
  7. Sounds to me that your friend who hooked you up with the middle man said that because he wants you to buy from him instead of the new dealer you have.
  8. [quote name='"Mrburntout"']Mush as in psilocybin mushrooms? If so this thread is a joke, your bud isn't laced. Relax.[/quote]

    Delete your post before you get an infraction
  9. ha dude u can't smoke mushrooms, and why would he put oxy in it without extra charge. It doesn't make sense, unless he is the best dealer in the world haha

  10. My friend isn't selling me. Friend gave me the warning.

  11. He told me straight up he doesn't care cause I don't buy that much, and when its big orders I go to my friend because my new dealer only sells up to quarters.

  12. Thanks for the info man.
  13. If you are talking about real mushrooms, then you have nothing to worry about. Psilocybin cannot be absorbed through smoke, only orally. If your weed was tampered with, I am sure you would know.
  14. you need a solid connect man.
  15. Honestly the whole lacing paranoia is just stupid, tired of people saying it might be laced, shut up.... no one cares about you that much to lace it, you not that important.
  16. he would be losing money by lacing your weed with painkillers
  17. You must be trolling. If it was laced with that unmentionable it would have no effect.

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