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New Dank: Pineapple

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by fuji212, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Damn this stuff is beautiful. $15 per gram, 80/20 indica




  2. I want some!
  3. looks fucking delicious... keep reppin those WA buds! Simply beautiful.

    $15/g for medical is a pretty standard price i suppose... id much rather pay $10/g though haha. I remember i used to get super fat dime bags earlier this year... they always weighed 1.0-1.4, medical has been going down hill here... it sux. And i still cant believe i bought grams... almost a waste of money these days when i can go to a grower and get a $225/oz of fire.

  4. haha i hear ya bro. i just asked for their best indica they had at the moment and they pulled out the pineapple haha i just couldnt resist
  5. Does it smell like pineapple? I took a sniff of Pineapple x Jack herer and that pineapple smell is most definitely there.

    Yeah I agree it's a lot of more money buying by grams but it's good to have a variety of strains and imo makes smoking more enjoyable knowing you have something with different highs. Nice to come out of a clinic with an indica, sativa and hybrid meds.
  6. ahhh man that looks soo tasty. enjoy that shit i loveee some pineapple

  7. Definatly man! its like a really sweet piney smell. tastes great too!

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