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New Dank In The NorthWest

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by fuji212, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Ooh wee
  2. Strange bud structure, looks fluffy..

    But holy sweet mother of Jesus... It's like a blanket of snow on Christmas day.
    :smoke: :bongin: :smoke:
    Jealous of all you legal people, getting nothing but decent no name can get a bit repetitive.
  3. Only $10 a gram? Holy fuck
  4. yea man. I can always find great deals up here!
  5. $10 is common pricing in Seattle if you know where to look.

    How are the effects for this (good for high tolerance? couchlock?) ? And how is Puget Sound Health Alternatives? I'm in the area and curious.

  6. This stuff its solid. i get a great body high from it, while at the same time my brain kinda feels like its floating outta my head. they also have some $15/grams that are amazing. definatly worth checking out! the owners are very nice and know what they're doing.

    if you do end up stopping by let them know i referred you and ask about free gifts for new patients.


  7. Will do! Feel free to PM me about any WA-area stuff. :smoke:

  8. no problem! i know of another great place in the U-Dist. as well

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