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  1. Let me start of by saying that this is my second DBV, as I was forced to sell my first one due to a cross-country move. So, I go to the nearest smoke shop knowing well and good that they have multiple DBVs in stock. I walk in, make a bee-line to the vaporizer cabinet, where it's littered with shitty box vapes and rip-off designs. Plus a couple legitimate Volcanoes and an Extreme-Q, well I see the DBV and I'm glad, and I sit by the case. And sit some more, and as I look around the store, I count the employees not doing a THING. Just chit-chatting, sitting around, idle-by. Well, I walk up to the guy who I PRESUME is the owner, this big tall, beer-bellied sunburned old grey-hair, and I say "sir" and he continues playing with his iPod a full 10 seconds longer, while he puts on a metal song so loud I have to raise my voice to get his attention "SIR" I say, and he finally glances up, looking disturbed from an important task. "Can I take a look at one of these vaporizers over here please?" "yeah sure," and he slowly ambles towards the cabinet until an older, Asian woman walks from the back room and he directs her to assist me with the vaporizers. She looks annoyed and a little confused. We walk over the vapes and she begins a speech in broken English about their available vaporizers in different price ranges. I had to interrupt her to note that I wanted to see the Da Buddha vape, and she had no idea what I was talking about. "That grey one in the front there..." "ohhh" she says, quickly pulling it out. I give it a quick inspection, everything seems good. Ceramic element is a little loose, but fully functional. By now, the Asian lady walked off and a young dude with a 'fro was now assisting me. My newly-appointed, obviously-baked salesperson was glazed-eye gazing to the other corner of the store when I said "I'll take it." "huh- ok, cool man." He starts diggin around for the bag and pulls out the cheesiest, ugliest rendition of a DBV I've ever seen. It's neon orange and yellow with black spirals on it. They didn't have any other options, sadly. They retrieved the rest of the unit, they had the stock glass whip with the screen, but they lost the hose and mouthpiece somehow. So I ended up with this white hose that is half the length of the stock hose and smells like incense and rubber. Multiple washes helped to alleviate the tainted taste it provided. But I ended up getting it for 10% off the $199.95 sticker on it. It works fine and all, but I hope this isn't some knock off... I plan on buying a whole new whip-hose-mouthpiece kit so I can hook it up to my bub more efficiently.

    tl;dr New Da Buddha, sketchy shop
  2. So are you pleased or not? Haha I'm confused

  3. Sorry i was smacked writing that, lol still am. but i'm overall pleased with the vape, i love the da buddha when the example is how it should be from the factory (i.e., hemp bag, 3' food grade tubing, correct mouthpiece and the manual which includes the start up instructions that I just happened to know, without the shop's help and 3 screens the fit the da buddha perfectly.) but yeah, i'm super displeased with the shop, their employees are pretty incompetent, their set up has a shady vibe with all the china-glass, shitty vapes and all. I wish my vape could be right the first expense in, but atleast it's working for the time being.
  4. Is there any other head shops you can go to near your place?

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