New custom Roor & VB set up

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    So its been a while since Ive made a thread, but Ive been working like a slave lately and haven't had the time to get on here and post my shits. I picked up a couple new toys recently, tell me what you think.


    Picked up the hands free VB in the new chocolate finish, looks real sharp irl.


  2. one sweet as bong dude, bet it rips real nice
  3. Cool RooR. Glad you got your shit. We can't discuss competing websites though.
  4. That roor looks real nice especially with the flame polished logo. I'm also really diggin the color of your vb.
  5. thanks man

    I bought a carbon filter for it as well, it hits real smooth.

    Thanks yeah I took it out.

    Yeah I thought the flame polished was real clean, thanks man.
  6. Great setup! I also hook my Dark Coffee VB into my 2 foot Phire. Fucks you up hard, no doubt about it.
  7. that's dope as fuck
    I wanna see it in action
  8. haha that's cool man. i like to do that with my vape/bong sometimes too except i don't have hands free attachments. also sweet roor lol
  9. I have vid of it in action, just cant find the cable to get it on my computer.
  10. price and milk shots?
  11. Nice! I did that with my vapir one and a smaller glass bong, but your set up is fresh! Though I did just take a couple bags of vapor out of an inflation bag I made for this thing and it's got me high as hell :smoke:
  12. im digging that bong. and how often you clean it hooked up to a vaporizer?
  13. very nice roor
  14. Whoa!!!!! That is flippin sweet! I would like to try the out....

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