New Custom Inline from Stone Glass Works

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  1. Just picked up my brand new inline ashcatcher set the other day from my boy Preston Hanna, so I thought I would throw up some pictures. All I have to say is that this piece came out absolutely flawless and it was more than worth the wait. Well I will let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy.

    First off, what I asked him to match, my Trident

    a perfect match





    More pictures (high res) at...

    thanks for looking and don't forget to leave some love. peace blades
  2. That is such a detailed work of art. +Rep for beauty. :hello:
  3. Suc tight lines on that inline, and the marbles on the slide are absolutely jaw dropping. I love it.
  4. thats sick bro
  5. dude that is some sold glass very nice, very lucky I hear SG is top elite! +rep for the great pics
  6. Nice bowl and nice iMac. :smoke:
  7. one of the prettiest pieces ive seen.
  8. dude that thing is a piece of art. holy shit that thing is amazing. it mustve cost you a fuck load
  9. i can't stop looking at that slide, it's awesome. the colors and marbles make it look so wild.
  10. fuck ya dude, preston is legit! thats a beautiful inline there dude, i love the intricacy, +rep for a preston inline!
  11. Holy shit, that's beautiful.
  12. Wow, dude! What a great pickup, and from Grasscity's own!
  13. that is some fucking great craftsmanship.
  14. Beautiful Craftsmanship I love this Peice
  15. the inline looks amazing, the slide is too sick with those marbles, and the attached cobalt mouthpiece! you got a sweet setup man, +rep
  16. I'm seriously thinking about getting a custom inline from preston..... God he makes some kickass inlines...

    Inline bubbler or inline A/C with travel moutpiece?
  17. The second. You'll regret only having an inline bubbler.
  18. most amazing piece i've ever seen +rep man, absolutely amazing.
  19. that is a killer piece. +rep.
  20. +rep

    Crazy glass!

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