New custom glass come look

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  1. [​IMG]



  2. one nail is quartz and the other is just reg glass
  3. artist? price?

    looks legit, love the color choices. and you should scoop a Ti nail, all the true concentrate smokers have them it seems lol.
  4. paid 200 for everything there also a matching concetrate dish he didnt finish yet

    artist was Dawg
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    Now all I gotta do is make some budder, theres a slight imperfection on the bowl but w/e no big deal to me really
  6. That's some intense color. Don't really dig the rasta, but I can't say a thing bad about the intricacy or intensity of color.

    Nice pickup.
  7. Nice pick up bobby lots of love for that slide man
  8. Thank yoiu
    lol thnaks
  9. lol why did you bump your own thread less than an hour after your last post. Sick glass nonetheless. :hello:
  10. Seems a little steep you the work and imperfection, but as long as your happy. Enjoy brother.
  11. Yah I should have asked for a discount.....

    YES SIR!
  12. Damn I sell fully worked oil sets with worked dabbers and a worked dish for 80$. Cool glass tho

  13. Nice to know...... you got a website? and the price included a slide and a worked dish also :hello: [​IMG]
  14. extraction tube


  15. Nice stuff man, I'd love to have it personally.

  16. thanks. this things like 10lbs its super heavy okay not that heavy but shits made very well :smoke:

    plus got another alex k showerhead for my ashcatcher <3 I love comming home to packages!

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