New custom 45mm straight shot!

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    So I picked this up saturday night. It's done by a guy at his studio a few towns over from mine. It's a 45mm tall straight shot, 7mm thick. with a 14mm diffused female. I only have a small "one hit" bowl for now but I have plans for an external a/c at some point. It works nice about half full with ice though. I'll post up some milk shots when I remember too.

  2. hey man. looks like a nice tube! lets see some milk in that bad boy!
  3. nice. enjoy that shit.
  4. The top looks sharp haha.. Probably isn't but
  5. milkshots?

  6. nope ahaha, it has no lip at the top; just cut straight then smoothed out.
  7. nice tube man. watch out for that joint though man, that shit sticks out hella. be sure you dont dink it on anything

  8. My first thoughts exactly.
  9. i think you mean 45cm not 45mm. other than that, great bong man!!
    sorry, i just smoked 1 bowl of kush and hash:bongin:

  10. yea cm's ahaha, got to be that train wreck:smoke:
  11. I like it, only problem I have with it is that the joint sticks out A LOT. Like other have said...

    But nice anyways.

    So did the guy make it for you? Or does he just make water pipes and sell them? If you don't mind, how much did it run you?

  12. Ice that bitch
  13. lets see some milk broski

  14. mine too. shits tight though. I just hate it when good bongs got a goofy joint angle.
  15. Lovin' the tube, just like I'm lovin' that Mac in the background. +rep to my fellow Apple junkies.

  16. It was done by a local guy a few towns over at his studio, Morrison Glassworks. He make all sorts of glass pipes, and will do one custom to order. It was $190 for the tube and $30 for the bowl. I'm going to bring it back to him to do a frosted design for me, which he said he'd do free of charge. He's also blowing a few inline a/c's for me to check out, as that is next.
  17. So $220?

    Seems steep to me...But if you like it, thats all that counts.

  18. It's whatever, the dude hooks me up whenever I go in, tossed in a free one hitter this time, and is going to do the sandblasting for nothing whenever I bring it back to him. Also a buddy owed me some money so he tossed down on it too.
  19. I am said "buddy" and can vouch that this thing rips.

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