New Crop! Need Nute/Fert Advice!

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  1. Im not new to growing, i have grown a few times in the past both indoors and out. I got rid of all the CFL's, the grow cab etc. and i have upgraded to a 1000m hps, and i have a whole closet to grow in soooo... i have everything down BUT a good schedule or guidline to stick to for adding nutes/ferts. i ALWAYS start off with a plain potting soil with no nutes or ferts, mixed with perlite. In the past i just randomly used miracle grow nutes/ferts, but i want to do it right this time. so can some one please give me a guidline to follow, like for what i should give the plants when they are in the veg cycle, and what to give them when they are in the budding stage, etc.

    Thank you very much
  2. fox farm has a good nutrient/fert schedule on there site. there nutrients have worked great for me in the past. great results.

    or go to google and type in fox farm nutrient schedule
  3. Dam its confuing lol, does anyone know where to purchase Fox Farm in the Southern united states? say at a Wal-Mart or Home Deopt or Lowes... all they seem to have around here is the cheap shit, and miracle grow.
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    Organic feeding:

    Russian comfrey tea all along (bocking 14 you buy the roots and grow them) for N, a little P and K.
    Nettle ( or fish emulsion) in veg for N.
    Liquid bat guano with a high P in flowering.
    Finish with unsulphured molasses.
  5. i think im going to go with fox farmgrow big, tigerbloom, and big bloom. thier schedule is easy to follow and the nutes are pretty cheap, now i was wondering, if i have 15-20 ladies, do u think ill need the quarts or the gallons for the whole grow? Im not going to start nute treatment untill around the 4th-5th node. would the quarts last?
  6. Big Bloom is what you use most of, as its tablespoons per gallon for the entire grow. I would get the gallon of that for sure.

    What soil are you using? If you use Fox Farms Ocean Forest you dont really need to start using Big Grow until about the 3 or even 4th week
  7. i do not no what soil, prob just something from wal-mart as i can not find fox farm soil in my area. Do you know if Home-Depot, Lowe's or Wal-Mart/Target/K-Mart carry's Fox Farm?
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    o0o got ya. thanx alot man :)

    EDIT: Can i buy the soil online as well? or would that be too much of a hastle as this op consists of around 30+ plants.

    EDIT AGAIN: i found it. dam $14 a bag, ill go with the plain stuff i can get from the store for about $4 a bag lol
  9. If you buy the $4/bag soil.... pickup some perlite and worm castings to mix-in. You want about 4 parts soil to 1 perlite, for drainage and soil aeration. I'd also mix in 1 part castings as that cheaper soil wont have much nutrients and tends to be a lot of filler.
  10. check out youtube an type in hydroponicsecrets.
  11. The Fox Farm Ocean Forest is well worth $14 a bag, I happily pay about $19.00 a bag for it, it pays for itself for sure.
  12. You all are lucky. Hydro stores around here (Northeast, USA) charge $28 a bag of FFOF. :mad:
  13. I'm in the NYC area and its $19 at the shop I go to.
  14. Fox farms web site has a product locator...x-lent stuff!!!!
  15. I use Fox Farm as well and the Ocean Forest is the bomb (15 - 20$ at either of the 3 local places that sell it) and the 3 part nute system has worked awesome for me. I do add extra perlite even to the Fox Farms soil as well; it's great stuff!
  16. I'm in Oregon. Fox Farm is 12.00 per bag.
  17. the quart size she work as you are only using the big bloom throughout the grow and the other nutes are used based on the stage of growth, also you will want to cut the prescribed dosage (so instead of 2 tsp/gal for grow big, you would want to use 1 tspn/gal) which will make it last longer.
  18. the ocean mix is the soil i go with every season. the one thing i have been wondering is how long does the nutrients in the soil last before i should start adding nutes?
  19. the nitrogen in the soil usually lasts about 2-3 weeks.

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