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new connect

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. i got myself a new connect. awesome nugs... real dopey, creeper weed. kinda expensive though. she originally wanted $55 an eigth. i said i had 50 and she said it was cool.

    i smoked a black-n-mind stuffie w/1 other head, then smoked a blunt with the guy from the stuffie and our other friend. this is from what's left of the eigth from last night... after we smoked a phillie so fat the ends couldn't meet up (had to use a rolling paper as a patch), LMAO...

    craaaazy nugs. really high for reeeeealllly long!

    lol, i might have a rant somewhere tonight :D

    OoOoOo... haven't done that for a while ;)
  2. I still have a joint waitin for me...its callin my name...have about a half hour left to wait till I can go smoke it..maybe ill join you on the rant,, and grats on ur new connect, 50 is a lil steep but if its good good weed than thats worth it, and eventually as you buy more maybe she'll give ya some discounts..:)
  3. yeah... it's definately worth $50 an eigth. lol

    i got word on the blotter i might be getting soon. the guy who's selling it is the one who knows the chemist :D

    can't wait!!

    the guy says it's really pure... like those sunshine hits... and they're like $200 a sheet!


  4. you sure do love your
    I've always wanted to try it..would you recommend I try shrooms before acid or visa versa?
  5. whatever you want. i did acid before i did shrooms, but i didn't do a lot. i did like 2 2-drop sugar cubes for my first time. i tripped pretty good... that was the last time until i got an eigth of these AMAZING shrooms. they literally had a rainbow on the cap. i was totally out of mind, because i had to walk like 5-6 miles by myself at night time. it took me like 3 and a half hours...

    so, i dunno. if you wanna try acid first i'd go with 3 to get an ok idea of how much you're gonna like say maybe 5 or 6 to get a real intense experience.

    if you try shrooms, eat half the eigth first, and if after say maybe an hour and a half you're not trippin that hard, eat the other half. :)

    you'll trip pretty good with both of these. and it'll give ya a pretty good understanding of how much you'll wanna take if you choose to do it again.
  6. yea..i hear about alot of bad trips on shrooms, as it makes you think real fast n all that crazyness, my m8 thought he was turning into the hulk this one night he did shrooms and he wanted to call the cops this kid is paranoid of cops..and he wanted to call the cops on himself, so that was pritty fucked up..I heared acid was a more clear kind of high than shrooms, like my m8 said he'd look at a phone and thought to himself probably someone is dying at the same time the phone was ringing, then realize that he has a phone and theres so many people out in the world who have it worse than us no food and such and then he goes into a whole self-anylasis, religion change, different outlook on life and death, all cause the phone kinda mind opening though...

    man..i really gotta start writing into paragraphs again...thats just one big long huge you can tell i've had that joint:)
  7. it varies by person really. some people like shrooms more than acid, and vice-versa. i love 'em both, lol... but those self-analysis things are intense. there's these never ending circles... kinda hard to explain... it's like, everything's connected in some way or another... and you can see all the connections. lol, that's the best i can do :)
  8. i have a list i always carry in my wallet with about 6 connects on it, just in case, but i usually can find some from my 2 buddies, whenever i need

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