New Connect! YES! :D

Discussion in 'General' started by geetardude, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Yesterday, my buddy that lives with me went over to the next town because he had to get groceries and stuff. Its the same town he used to live, so he went and talked to a guy about getting back his cd and porn that he let him borrow.

    Anyway, turns out I actually know the guy, we used to work at mcdonald's and we had a jam session or two. Known him for at least 5 years now. He's been in and out of prison but he's good people, and he's on parole and selling bud. He got us each a $20 eighth of regs which is fucking great because of my weed situation. (only dank [sometimes iffy quality] $20/g.)

    He had a bunch of weed, too. I guess like at least 2 ounces he was trying to sell, and its really pretty good regs. I know where I'm taking my $100 next month! :D :hello:

    It may not sound like such a good thing to some, being regs and all, but it is totally awesome to me! :smoke:

    Now my hook-up count is up to a whopping 3! YES!

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