New connect (story)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SixFeetUnd3r, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. so me and 2 buddies went down to a local parking lot designated for trail-walkers to chief a bz. as we get there a guy pulls up 10 feet away, and walks down the trail. we think nothin of it and finish the blunt. 20 seconds later he goes back to his truck, and when he gets in he looks at me, and i kinda laughed, and he gave a smile back. next thing i know, hes getting outta the truck and brings over a glass jar over to my car. he says "whats up guys, what are you doin?". i was like "just chiefin". he says "i think i got somethin for ya". and opens up the jar and pulls out a 2 gram bud of the flamest nugs ive ever seen. it was freshly harvested from his buddy and it filled my car up with a sweet skunky smell :smoke:. we exchange numbers and agrees to hook me up sometime with his connect.
  2. Wish I could have that happen to me
  3. Word.....

    That's fucking awesome bro, the closest i've gotten to that was free shrooms at rock the bells.......

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