New Color Cthulhu Inspired Drawing

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by desertlimosine, May 1, 2006.

  1. Here is a color version of one of my psychedelic cthulhu drawings.
    I'll probably add a little more detail and such, but its pretty cool as it is right now.
    It may appear dark on some monitors. cool

  2. niiice, lovecraft ftw.
  3. WOw thats niccee man + rep
  4. Bad Brains for breakfast
  5. very nice. good use of that colored paper to give it its overall tone. what medium did you use, looks like pastel but it could be digital too. One thing that would make it look a fuckton better would be specular highlights. Places like the teeth and eyes need it badly for that glossy look and also it could be used on skin to make it look wet.
  6. I agree about the specular highlights. i'll be adding more to the piece this week. It's digital, just photoshop layers and such.
    thanks for the comments and crits!
  7. love HP Loecraft man. +Rep

    heh... Cthulhu is my other nickname. I use that and 'Durchii' consistently
  8. Hell yeah, Lovecraft's descriptions, and lack of descriptions of the beast in his head, are so horrifying and impossible to imagine! I always see my drawings as a snapshot of that moment of change whithin constant change and morphing.

    glad to see lots of lovecraft/cthulhu fans out there. Truley inspiring stuff!:smoke:
  9. Here is another digital painting i've been messing around with:

  10. fucking beautiful man. Very nice work on that one. I guess the only crit would be to give it background or even a gradient with a decorative border would be good.

    definately some rep+ for you on this one.
  11. nice, a decorative border would look awesome! good idea, i'll work on that

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