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New Club Bud & New Bong *PICS*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Legend, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Just picked up some buds from the Greenlight dp in SF, and i'm very pleased with my goodies. Sensi Star, The Goo, Bubba Kush (INCREDIBLE BUBBA), Pure Kush(PK)Ripper, and B.C. Big Bud, personal favorites being the Bubba and PK Ripper




    B.C. Big Buds:


    New Toy:

  2. that bong looks amazing. i love the design. named it yet ?
  3. nniceeeeee, makes me wish I wasn't dry, and that I had a bong like that...
  4. Amazing bong +Rep
  5. holy shit on the much did that set you back?
  6. the bud ad the bong are both eye catchers. that is a really sweet lookin bong. i love the colors and the design. very very nice choice. + rep
  7. utterly amazing piece. it's colors and design are incredible.
  8. thanks for the love everyone...

    The bud truely is amazing, just blows your mind every time you smoke, and the taste is incredible!

    As for the bong, it was purchased at a local headshop and is original one of a kind custom
  9. Nice bong, dank shit too.
  10. very nice indeed. can we get a full view of the label, like what it says?
  11. I love that bong man. I'm shoppin for a new one and I want something exactly like that, some thick, artsy glass and an 18.8 downstem , GonG prefered but I don't really care.

    That bud looks really good too.

  12. nice bud, also did you know PK ripper was the name of a damn good BMX bike. haha interesting fact, i think the frames sell for like 900.

    anyway, nice buds man, look mad trichomey
  13. +rep for the bong
    that thing is sooo tight
  14. haha is the goo dank or what? me and my homies just picked up like a quarter or that from a club down in socal
  15. Sick piece and nice buds. I wish I lived in SF.

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