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  1. Hi ~~ I'm a first time grower I have few questions to ask can someone plz answer me?
    1. If i dont' have those air pumpers wut should do ? coz i don't think i can install one at my closet, my mom will kill me if she finds out, and my closet is pretty big, does that helps the room circulate?
    2. How many lights and watts do I need for planting 2 plants??
    3. wut else do I have to look after for planing in the closet?

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  2. 2nd

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  3. are you going to be growing in the whole closet? or making a box to go in the closet? either way, can we get some dimensions?:)
  4. i think 1 per box ~~
    the box is H 57cm X L 39cm X Tall 24cm
  5. General formula for lighting is 50 watts per sqaure foot (450watts per square metre).

    So you're going to need at least 100 watts of fluoros, per box
    Cool whites are good for Vegitative stage, and Warm white for Flowering stage.

    Check out about $6 for a 30W bulb.
  6. hey man.. im a closet grower too and that closet looks big enough for to plants with out a air pump or fan.. but if u r putting them in a box then u will definitley need some fans.. but good luck and happy gorwing!
  7. dont take this the wrong way...but your house kinda looks like the brady bunch pad!!!! with the orange wall, and folding closet...Is your house a new house? or an old one? Sorry im commenting on the complete wrong subject of your post, but dude......its not every day you get to see a house that has orange walls, that looks similar to a brady bunch house!!


  8. a square meter is over 9sq ft. so it would about 450w per sq. meter..


  9. Thanks man, I'll edit that asap.

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