New closet led/cfl stealth

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  1. So here it is my new grow cab.

    4x2x6 foot
    Sun systems 45 glow panel led
    6 cfl 3 2700 nd 3 6500k
    4 in can fan
    Can lite carbon scrubber
    Desk fan
    Fox farm ocean forest
    Aoroa master kid 5 ml
    So I think I'm pretty set to go my speed controler should be here next week. Noise is a very large deal for me I insulated my ducting and hung my fan nd scrubber from bungees. Is there anything else I can do to cut out noise any help would be greatly appreciated


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  2. You can get a duct muffler. It will kill all sound from it.
  3. Sub for LED
  4. So I had the exhaust just running out the top and just dumped out that was loud . I just re ran the ducting and ran it out long and that killed like 4o percent of the noise. Just waiting on my speed controler and my seeds nd were all set to go. Also I'm gonna post a pic of my nuts feeding cycle I was gonna cut back to like 1/4 and cut them out completely like week 7 of flower that sounds about right ??

  5. Looks good and sounds good to me man. That's what I do with my nutes.
  6. Ok soo every thing is set it's soooo quiet with the speed controler.. I mean its fucking silent basically.. Anyway temps at 75 and Rh at 34.. I'll up date in a few days when everything up and at emm
  7. So it's been a ill wit but were at day 9. Everything is looking good transplanted today. The 1 has a ill defect any ideas. Any imput or help would be appreciated


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  8. Day 12. Everything still going good. Haven't watered in like 3 days y does she look so droopy.


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  9. How many girls do you have in your setup? I only see one. If that is the case the three 6500k CFL's would be enough for your baby to make it to flowering. Another thing, how far away are your lamps from them? You would want them around 8-10 inches away. The LED fixture, is it for veg/clone? Either way you can still use it, but use it in combination with your other 6500k CFL's. I would guess your lights are too far away and/or not the right light is being emitted correctly.
  10. I have 2 girls in there. The led is about 12 in away and I just have 2 cfl I think both are 26 watt 1 is 6500 and 1 is 2700 ( soft white and daylight ) I think ? An they are about 4 in away I had them in clear cups originally do you think the lights affected the roots and caused it to stunt a lil.
  11. Yeah clear cups are not good. You don't want the roots to ever be exposed to the light. I always put my seedlings/clones in their final container from the start so I don't shock them with the transplant. I keep my girls on a 23/1 light cycle for 3 weeks then put them into the flowering cycle. I normally use 2 6500k 32 watt cfls per plant around 8-10 inches away for veg. Has not failed me yet to this day.
  12. Just a few of the purp. Any idea y that lower leaf is yellow and has a lil brown spot on it. I transplanted in ton5 gallon buckets for their final home yesterday. No mutes yet im gonna wait another 10 days or so make sure there is nothing left in then soil don't wanna burn them up.


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  13. I'll be following this thread closely, If I ever get to grow I'll be using LED.Keep up the good work!!
  14. Well it's now more of a cfl with a bs extremely overpriced led. I have 2 19 watt 5000k 3 26 wat 6500k and 2 2700k mad Thad glow pannel 45 but its 26 actual watt

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