New clones.

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  1. Okay so I just picked out some new clones about two weeks ago. I know I should of asked about this earlier! They are 3 amnesia and 3 Chen OG, my question is and I don't know if this is so to already being in flowering stage, is why are there only 1 single petal of leaves? Is this a strain trait? Any suggestions and all help thank you! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416521894.914321.jpg

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  2. Ah, this post has pictures. Very well.. In my opinion, you could veg them a little
    longer if you want a stronger plant, but if you're growing inside you should just
    go ahead and start flowering if you're in a small tent or area.
  3. They have 2 weeks left in veg. For a total of a month. How about the leaves single petals looks normal?

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    Thank you Q how about the leaves?

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    I'm guessing those leaves are from how the cloner cut them.. maybe
    they're a side branch clone or something? I would ask the people you
    got it from.
  5. The clone pictured is "revegging". It was cut from a plant that was mature. You have your plants under "long day" vegetative lighting, so they are reverting to an immature form- single leaves like a seedling.

    Don't worry! The leaves will go back to the usual multi-fingered form after a bit under 12/12! there is nothing wrong with your plants! RELAX!

  6. Yes they were clones that were flowered and back in veg and I'm relaxed off these animal cookies lol

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