New clones yellowing! Possible problems?

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  1. I normally have a cover that goes over each of these to act as a humidity dome. These are all on their 2nd day of transplant.

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  2. Is something eating your leaves or did you cut them?
  3. He cut them.
    I have mass produced clones before that is how you do it on a large scale..
    You cut the tips to create a canopy in your dome with all "72" or howevermany you have per tray. You put a 7inch dome lid over them till they root.
    The point of cutting them to my experience gave me a higher success rate. It allowed the plants to rest up against each other ie:canopy so they supported each other and did not fall over in the dome while waiting for roots.
    I'm sure there is other reasons but that was mine.
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  4. About the yellow leaves.. it does happen often with new clones usually the original leaves from the actual plant that is the old growth cut leaves will die off as new fresh stuff grows.
    The way to check that is look at the overall health of the plants are they growing fast enuff and strong enuff to were they could be shedding old slow useless parts?
    Or are they losing good funding parts cause its sick and slowing down?
    The answer to that question should be your answer to yours as well.
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  5. Ahhhhhh, this I did not know
  6. Maybe this is part of it "why" just a guess tho.
    Things change in nature when you cut it into pieces. So its speculation at this point.
    I do know that when you cut a clone it is only surviving on the nutrients it has stored in its cell walls. That's why you feed mom a special mix night before you cut your clones.
    So maybe those lower leaves have completely depleted the amount of stored nutrients they had. Some nutrients are mobile some immobile another word the plant need nutrient a up top more than down low so it pulls the stored nutrient up the plant to the area its needed most.
    Nitrogen deficiency yellow lower leaves moving upward is a good example of that.
    So if magnesium or something is an immobile nutrient it will not pull from the new growth it will just die.
    There in turn leaving you with lower leaves that appear deficient. Well .. because they actually are. But that's ok because your new growth has roots to feed off now.. make sense to anyone else?
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  7. Ill have to give it another day or so to see if its just the old leaves dying and new growth starting or if they’re just lacking nutrients and dying. Just posted to see if this happened with you or any growers that deal with cloning.
  8. Not all clones turn yellow. Some people add a very light nute solution to prevent this.(I don’t) But without it, the clones are taking stored nutrients in the leaves to push roots and start its new set of leaves.
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  9. If they start turning yellow AFTER they popped they’re roots and are in dirt. Feed them. No worries man, you’re good. They’ll be thriving in no time.
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  10. If I’m not mistaken you trim your clone leaves to enhance root growth.
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  11. All that's happening with the yellowing leaves is the new growth is getting feed from the older leaves, thus the Nitrogen leaving the older material and that N is a mobile element.

    Cutting leaf tip's is supposed to stress the cutting into promoting root's rather than letting the leave's get bigger. Also it helps the water retention in the cutting during root formation.
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  12. It's to reduce the surface area of the leaves so that less water is lost through evapo-transpiration”
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  13. I must say.. Cloning is really fun.
    If you have a "clean and comfortable" set up. It's like a mechanic with his tool box.
    So many ways so many methods so much science it really is an artform!
    To be reliable consistant healthy bug free always have what a guy needs nursery would just be so so so valuable now days
    The made more selling shovels to the miners than the miners ever found in gold my friends.
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