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  1. So I have some new clones about 3 weeks old 1 week since in soil (vigoro potting soil)@homedepot, They were growing slow so I put a few of them in fresh soil with added vermiculite hoping to help growth. I give them no nutrients foliar spraying few times a day and ph water to 6, some are under 400 hps and some under about 50 watts of cfls temp kept at around 80 and humidity around 30%. Heres a few pictures. Looking for any comments tips advice thanks




  2. Looks good what strains you growing? A suggestion is to make sure they dry out really well between each watering. I wait until they are starting to droop from underwatering.
  3. They had a rough start but are coming along I may have over watered them at the start a bit, the soil retains water really well I havent givin them any in about 3 days now and the pots are quite moist. friend i got them from said they r blueberry kush
  4. Yeah that's what I was thinking when I saw the pics. Definitely let them dry out before watering again. When they are dry, lift the containers and try to get a feel for the weight, so you can determine when to water by lifting them.
  5. So I have the 400watt hps and 3 cfl lights total about 45-50 watts seperated n on diferent plants. The ones under hps are 3' 2'' away from light and cfls are 2''-4'' away from light should I change anything
  6. I'd put the 400 about a foot away from them then as they get bigger lower put your hand under the light when it's hot on your hand then have the light a inch or do above it, I keep my 400 like 6-8 inches away
  7. on those size clones?
  8. the 1 plant has much darker leaves then the rest, whats wrong with it?
  9. Yeah when mine are that size I put it a foot, foot and a half max
  10. I am thinking of geting some dutch nutrient formula for nutrients any input on that anyone?
  11. I'm not familiar with those but I use fox farm and couldn't be more happy with it
  12. I haven't heard of that line either. Fox Farms trio and Floranova Bloom and Grow is what I use. FF is great, just not very beginner friendly. Tiger Bloom is stored at a 4.10 ph for shelf life, so you need to adjust your ph when using it. Also don't mix the food right before you feed your plants, do it a few days in advance because it takes a while for it to settle and give a stable number.
  13. well no fox farm for me then lol
  14. So plants seem to be doing well. A couple have dried/dead new growth(leaves) starting from there tips and some almost all the way down that peddle this mostly on lower leaves but the 1 has it right at the top what could be causing this?
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    So its been a month since this post, I put them into much needed 3gallon pots and gave them some healthy doses of nutrients.

    They were growing slow because i was to light on the nuts once i put new pots and nice dose of nutes, they are loving it.




    Ended up geting the dutch nutrient formula and some kelp extract to foliar feed

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