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  1. Those are fungal gnats, most likely. They are a good indication that you are over watering. No need for pesticides, just don't water as much
  2. to much humidity?
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    This is what kinda fell off when I inspected this afternoon. I barely tugged and these came off. Gnats are not present this time so that's good. I have not watered it in two days



    Edit: its starting to get light, so I should water soon..but you think I should wait a day then drown / flush it? My perlite goes to the top a lot when I try to water/flush
  4. Fungal gnats lay their larvae in the soil, in my experience all soil has larvae in it. If you're watering to much/ to heavy the larvae mature and come out of your soil. Most effective way to control them is by putting like 2" of construction sand on top of your soil, that way when the gnats are coming out of the soil they get cut up and die from the sand. You can get fly paper to rid the ones that have already made their way out. The larva are the things that damage your plant because they feed on the roots. The mature gnats can get stuck to your buds and ultimately you'd be smoking them and their fecal matter. Kind of gross.
    You however are experiencing a def / lock out. Flushing would be a way to remedy that however you might active the gnats. So before you flush I would put sand on top just to be safe. If you don't want to buy construction sand, go outside and get some course sand wherever you can find it and bake it in the oven to kill any bad stuff on it.
  5. ^^agreed.. Looks like a pH issue for the leaves. My best guess: too many nutes, now the soil is too acidic.

    Flushing will fix the pH, but you really should have some way to monitor that. A pH test kit is usually like $7 at a hydro store. And a sand topping will keep the gnats away.
  6. Its all a flop. I think the plants going to die and I can't get rid of the gnats.
  7. Compared to the day b4 looks half the size, just the buds look healthy. I didn't water it until just now after three days... Flushed it then added a little nute water.. Three gnats fly around when I open the lid.. I absolutely don't over water.. I don't know how to get rid of these gnats for good.. I will grab some sand.. Is my product screwed? Its got three or four Weeks left of flower

  8. Dang, that's a bummer. From the last pics, they looked nice, litttle yellowing on some leaves, but the buds looked decent. Gnats ARE little nuggets, aren't they? I notice 3 or 4 of em buzzing around too but I squash em as soon as I see em. They really haven't been much of an issue for me. Sorry for your loss, here's hoping you DO save them.
  9. The gnats won't hurt that much. I've had a few different types of gnats. The smaller they are, the more likely they are to get stuck in your sticky buds. Other than the possibility of getting some bugs in your buds, I don't think the gnats hurt too much. The larvae can feed on the roots, but it shouldn't be enough to be that noticeable in the plant growth. With a couple of inches of sand on top, they'll be gone within a week.

    I still think it's most likely that you have a pH issue causing your problems. The flush might have been enough but if you have no means of checking the pH, it's hard to say without looking back a week from now. It's not too late yet, but it's almost too late. On my first and only MG soil grow, I had to flush my soil by over 3 times my container size worth of water just to get the pH up to 6.3ish (although I think my pH that time was probably worse than yours).

    On the next grow, you'll be a lot better off ditching the MG nutes and going with something that is a more highly recommended with cannabis. I wouldn't have added more nutes to the water right after flushing also--the nutes are what make it acidic and can lead to salty buildup. You never want more nutes than your plant needs, but that MG stuff is very strong. You're better off with not enough nutes than too much nutes. Fixing too many nutes is more difficult and harder on the plant than fixing not enough nutes. None of the regular nutes recommended for cannabis are as strong as MG... there's got to be some reason for that.
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    My new timer didn't turn the lights off.. poor damn plant. I suck.

    I have four hours until they where supposed to be turned on again.. Do I turn them on according to schedule or leave them off and have a Dark day because I left the lights on from noon yesterday till 8 am today... almost twenty hours..
  11. Personally, I would do an emergency dark day. At the very least, you should make sure they have a full 12 hours of dark by not turning them on until 8pm tonight.
  12. But then won't I be basically reversing my light schedule? I usually turn them off at midnight. Should I turn them on at 8 then back off at midnight and on at noon the next day? Back into normal schedule

  13. Yep... On at 8 and back off four hours later if you want to keep the same schedule. Personally though, I'd probably just skip those four hours of light and just give them a full 16 hours of dark. That would make the total light/dark 20/28 for the last two days rather than 24/24. 24/24 is closer to the correct amount of light vs dark, but since you had one period with more than 12 hours of light, I suggest you follow that period by even more hours of dark in case it's wanting to switch back to veg. I think skipping those 4 hours of light won't do much and is a safer route.
  14. That's what I was unsure of.. More dark or elevated light.. I'm probably going to go dark to ensure it doesn't think is veg time lol
  15. Always go with more dark during flower when light timers fail.. usually the reverse in veg though.. just what I read.. as I have no personal experience to go on..
  16. I did what you all recommended. Its looking good other than its fan leaves are really yellow. 5 Weeks on Saturday of flower... Barely any nutes used on entire grow
  17. Just watered her, what's a good cheap little bigger container I can upgrade to... Available in common stores? What's important about the structure of the pot or bucket?
  18. No real limits on the container you use.. what fits then adapt it to your needs .. drill drains ect.. Lexan/Plexiglas can be cut to fit and glued to make any size needed then painted or taped.. I get my containers from the local hydro store .. he has a great selection of graduated squares in inch increments.. look at small food containers from the market.. storage boxes from target or walmart.. you'll find something that's about the right size..
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    2 random shots. First is overview, second is a quick random shot of a random bud.

  20. for fungus gnats try 1/2 teaspoon of ivory dish soap (or palmolive) per quart of water, put it in a spray bottle, and mist it on top of soil every time you go in garden.

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