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  1. That's a tough one. Can your significant other get to them before you? You really don't want to mess with their light cycle or they will herm up on ya. Might sound stupid and I have no idea if this is the best option but maybe try keeping the lights off the entire day so you can keep the same lights on cycle for the next day. I would definitely make it a priority to get a new timer. They sell them everywhere
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  2. my usual light schedule is on at noon off at midnight... day b4 they went on at 2:15 pm... and off at 2:00 am.

    Today.. i got home at 5 pm... and turned them on... should i turn them off at midnight.. or 2 am...???

    Should i slowly move back to noon / midnight like they where?

    Here are some photo updates.. and i did get a timer today.. i think i set it up right lol.






    There is some sugar on the leaves... but it's really hard to see on my crappy cam- but in person there appears to be a lot of sugar getting on the leaves :)

    still have 5 weeks or so left of flower
  3. Got a working timer but from all the bad timing of light.. I switched my lighting to two hours different than it was to even out everything.

    Looks like there is more sugar.. but we will see in the next few days.. will be first day of new 15-30-15 nutes rather than the veg 24/8/16. I have noticed a little bit of stuff dying towards the bottom but all the top stuff is super healthy...
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    I think the safest way to adjust lighting times during flowering is to never give less than 12 hours of dark, and never give more than 12 hours of light. In other words, only increase dark or decrease the light to adjust and minimize adjusting. I've seen weird things happen to other people that adjusted and gave too much light. Looked like they started to re-veg. It was like a 12 hour adjustment though. Just some warning for the future. I wouldn't think 2 hours would make a big difference even if you did decrease the dark period by 2 hours anyway.

    There is a hormone that builds up in the dark and triggers flowering. A particular amount of dark time is mandatory to maintain high enough levels of that hormone. Twelve hours of dark is the safe norm, but I've heard some strains will still flower at 13/11.
  5. This makes me feel good. I'm just going to make sure I get no less than twelve hours of dark, and no more than twelve hours of light so it doesn't look like it revegs
  6. that yellow on the bottom of the plant with the brown margins is probably magnesium deficiency.
  7. So use Epsom salt in my next feeding today?
  8. try it out
    if you do
    remember 1 tsp per gallon of water
  9. Just got back from the store and purchased some filtered / reverse osmosis water, etc... (35cents for a gallon jug)
    and threw in 1 TSP of Epsom Salt (Plant safe) as well as threw in a 1/2 TSP of MG 15-30-15 and put about 3/4 of the gallon jug in/through the plant. This is the first time feeding it in a week with nutes because I was switching from the 24/8/16 MG to the 15-30-15.

    Hopefully that clears up the rapidly dying undergrowth. I pulled off a ton of bottom fan leaves because they where either really brown or very very yellow/brown. All of the bud growth / top looks great even with four days of fucking up the light schedule :D

    My timer has been kind of a piece of crap.. hoping I got it dialed in now to prevent anything from happening- it appears be still producing some sugas.

    TLDR Version:
    I fed the plant with 15-30-15 (1/2 TSP / Gallon) and some Epsom Salt (1 TSP / Gallon).

  10. yep...sorry so late.

    yep again...

    According to Mel Frank...Major and secondary nutrient deficiencies start at the bottom and go up. Yellowing with the brown margins or edges is usually magnesium.
    Micro nutrient def starts at the top.

    it will take a few days for the epsom salts to help...feed it a few more times with the same amount until it stops spreading.
  11. Should I foliar feed a little with the flower nutes and Epsom? Thanks again buddy!

  12. I did read Mel Frank saying that would work faster but i do not remember the correct dosage. maybe just try the epsom without the nutes. its late and i cant check the book but i will tomorrow.
  13. Understood. Ty
  14. Mel says a 1/2 teaspoon per quart for both the soil drench and the spray. do both at same time. make sure to spray undersides of leaves only.
    should see improvement in 4 days. continue until it completely stops.

    these things are not easy to tell for certain so watch closely to make sure it doesn't become worse.

    Do you see it spreading up the plant?
  15. Okay, I ended up feeding nutes and Epsom in soil and some foliar of Epsom. Its appears to only be effecting lower growth, but it sort of seems to be creeping up just a little. More than likely it will stop here soon though since I fed it. I have not looked at it since last night. Will update when I get back to work. I pulled off all of the dead fan leaves at the bottom already and sprayed some mold-miticide-etc. Stuff around the intake holes to mist the plant inside for preventative measures
  16. Yo.
    So I don't have experience with Epson salt so I can't help you there but I do know, as stated before, these plants love mg and calcium. I use Calmg+ to help them along but the reason I am here is to let you know i have also experienced really bad mg deficiencies. It sounds like you have things under control but I am here to tell you that it's not the end of the world. Should you correct it? Absolutely and you are however I have harvested excellent bud that had a really bad mg def. The only thing it hurts is the final yield and most likely the over all potency but since this is your first grow all you can do is learn for future grows so try not to panic. This is a learning experience that can only get better so in retrospect it's good it's happening now so I won't later. Things are looking stellar in there. Keep it up.
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  17. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I'm by no means worried, in happy I'm this far lol. I've been able to avoid most mistakes thanks to the conjoined knowledge on GC
  18. I can see that more and more fan leaves are dying off. Little more yellowish or lime green overall. If there is no nute burn tomorrow or signs of toxicity ( fed it two days ago ) should I feed it more nutes? ..based on the pics


  19. Any idea what the run off ph is? It almost seems like some stuff is being locked out, if you're feeding her what she needs. I would suggest flushing it with just water that's ph'd. Might help.
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  20. So.. I open my lid and three or for gnats flew out.. 4 Weeks left of flower.. I grabbed neem oil and soaked the bottom side and gentle mist on top.. Soaked the inside odd my container and Air intakes and all over the room..

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