New Clones, First Grow, Time To CFL

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  1. Thats awesome news! though i just bought some supplies for the upgraded grow area, so i may move it in earlier because it'll have more light. I was afraid that it would stretch a lot over 8 weeks of flowering, but it appears to be making tonssss of little bud sites all over- im super stoked!

    Thans man! I had a lot of help from the GC community on tips/tricks :)
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  4. so, im a newb at growing. i dont know what topping means. why do you tie down branches? my PE by G13 labs clone is about 3' now and has been in flowering for abouot a week
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    You top it so the one top you cut will grow into two tops. You can do this as many times as you want and get an exponential amount of tops. Some strains are more sensitive to topping so you're not going to want to top to many times, experiment to see what your strain likes the most. You tie things down so you have an even canopy so all the tops or bud sites are at an even level and get an even amount of light distribution. If you let it grow freely you will have one main top that will be far superior to the rest of your bud because everything below your main top will be competing for light. It is also a way to avoid having 3' tall plants. Depending on your light and the level of light penetration you don't need to have an even canopy but for bulbs smaller than 600w you will really want to learn how to top and train your plants so you can get the max use out of your light and ultimately your money from the power that is consumed.
    You might also want to read up on Scrog (screen of green) to me it's the easiest way to train your plants to stay low and bushy
    Stay stoned
  6. okay. so i f@#ked this one up. I didnt know about topping nor tying down. it is a 3' plant with 1 top. oh well ill know for the next time
  7. exactly
    you may also want to look into supercropping . same as topping but you get to keep the top... I do a combination of cropping with a bit of training.. like when you crop, you hold down that cropped top with a hangar or some sort of stake letting those few branches to reach size, usually within a week then just let go of the top and you have 3+ of the same size.. hard to explain without pix but in my journal..
    3 feet? fuck I wish, my plants are as tall as me atm,6 foot +... each with 8+ main colas... next time 6wk veg instead of 8 for me!
  8. fuck i wish mine were as tall as me. i need help with my graden marjorly or itll be time to throw in the towel
  9. week into flower isn't too late to crop, depending on strain.. if you don't go drastic you can still crop the top and have some catch up with other branches... will prolong your flower a few weeks but should work
    shit, this run I was cropping at two weeks and them bitches STILL stretched crazy!! available nutes and genetics I suppose
  10. Which is better:
    Flat white cheap paint
    Foil tape
    Chrome tape
    Cheap space blankets

    Or another awesome cheap alternative for reflection for my new grow box
  11. Best thing you can get is mylar. Cheapest way to get mylar is buying emergency blankets. On ebay they are $. 99 a piece. If you don't want to get them online I'm sure they'd only be a few bux a piece at an outdoor store. I would guess you'd only need about two of them to coat your bin with and get the most out of your lights. Otherwise I'd say flat white paint. The foil tape and chrome tape produces to many heat spots and aren't as reflective as we'd all like to think... After reading your post again go with the space blanket, i'm assuming that's what you mean.

  12. I went ahead and pot some Space blanket stuff in there. It didn't Say mylar, but it was some polysomething or another stuff... Very shiny :)

    Used that and some chrome tape to get it in there... put the 6 lights I had already in there until I can afford the 42w or 68w from home depot- 10$ for the 42's and 16$ for the 68's.. which ones should I get?

    Grow is in the Trash Can now. The lights hang down a ways, but I still have much more space and reflectivity.

    With just my one exhaust fan from the other box it seems to be keeping it around 85f with the lights on. Only have three 2 inch by 4 inch rectangular holes for passive intake on the bottom sides of the trash can. I'll post some pics tomorrow after work.. I start my new shift and position tomorrow.

    Thanks again everyone for watching so far. It's been 2 weeks or so of the 8 weeks of flower.
  13. I'm not all that impressed with the 55-200 watt CFL I have.. it's a space hog for the light output.. it's no brighter then a 26-100.. just twice as big.. I'm getting better coverage with 2 smaller lamps.. what you have looks good.. might just figure out some side lighting or just add a few more rather then replacing the whole array .. | Link Depot here is a really high 97CFM fan to help keep things cool.. looking very nice..
  14. Thank you for the input: Fortunately.. the one fan with the three passive intakes keeps the grow under 80 degrees with the lights on :) And it's only on speed 2 of 3!

    I'm going to just replace a couple of the 20w 2700's in there with a few 42w or 68w CFL. They are the same size :)

    I may hang a bulb here or there (Maybe the 20w's I replace). Probably hang it down the sides to get some extra coverage.
  15. Can't see it in the photo, but it looks like its starting to put some sugar on the leaves :)

  16. I bent and tied most of what I could. Lot of yellowing on bottom leaves from no light I assume. I think this will increase my yield a lot in the end.

    I see a lot of ppl trim fan leaves and stuff in flower.. Should I do that or leave it as is because I opened the canopy?

    Any other thoughts are encouraged!

  17. Their looking very nice, looks like much light is making it through now. Maybe a trim here or there, but they look nice to me!! :)

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  18. looking awesome!
  19. I'm probably going to ruin the whole thing. Today I was not home to turn the lights on until two hours later. Tomorrow... I can't turn them on until about five or six hours later than I'm supposed to.. I have no timer and can't get one tonight or tomorrow.

    What the heck do I do.. turn on five hours early? Turn them on late? Two and a half or three Weeks into flower and making sugar...

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