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  1. Tying it down is a form of low stress training. To top it is to just take the slightest bit off of the top or tops where the new growth is coming in. So just top it and then tie it down or Lst. If you don't know how to top let me know and I can pull up a video tutorial for you
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  2. I already topped, just didn't know if lst and tying it down was the same thing :)

    Mostly asking if I can top the other main branches' top-tip :) the plant splits like a 'Y' at the soil. I topped-fim'd the biggest/main one already, wondering if I can do the same to the other
  3. You can. Forgive my highness lol if I'm understanding you correctly you topped it once already and now have two main tops and you want to top those again? Creating 4 tops total? If I'm right, yes, you can top it indefinitely and it will form new tops, exponentially, ie: 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 16,ect.. It really depends on the strain how many times you "should" top. Since you are already flowering though, you can do it once more without any problems.
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    Haha nope, still to high haha. where my plant grows out of the soil it splits in two. One branch grows to the right side and I lst'd it to bend in a circle around the pot.
    On the other branch I'm doing the same thing bending it the opposite direction ina circle. I have two main branches coming from the base of the plant. Wondering if I can fim it too... Maybe its something I can take a picture of later when I get home lol :) I'm bad at explaining
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    Alright.. all done feeding it nute water for a week... Then i'll flush and swap to 15-30-15 BLOOM Nutes From MG.

    Ofc.. using half dose for indoor plants-- then slowly moving up the dosage as time goes on to see how this strain handles the difference in nutes. Weeds' an outdoor plant naturally... so you can move all the way up to the recomended dose of outdoor plants on the MG. This is my first grow- so i'm moving slow and being gentle on the nutes-
    I'll nute the Hell out of my next grows from here on (without burning them.. duh) - :)

    picture update momentarily- Transplanted to a Large bowl the other day-- other pot was a real piece of junk and i got more / new soil.
  6. [​IMG] After Tie Down
    [​IMG] Before Tie Down
    [​IMG] My Soil
    [​IMG] Main tip after i ... think i topped it or fim'd it 3-4 days ago
    [​IMG] and again.. less camera flash making the picture yellowish.
    [​IMG] top view.. Can see a little bit of the half dead leaves / yellowish leaves that have sort have hung around since the first week I had the clone.

    Yesterday I transplanted and chopped 3-4 dead leaf sets that i had procrastinated on cutting... put a little nute water with some B1 and Epsom salt in there after dowsing it with plain water and some plain distilled water.

    Let me know what you guys think--- I know GC is a .. PICTURES OR GTFO kind of thing- so here you go!
  7. i think she looks good man
    ill keep watching
  8. Can someone pm me or post a few links for AWESOME cfl lights that are 60w ... 125w...105w... or so? I want great quality for a great price :D looking for light upgrades...

    Soon moving to a bigger box..and future grow will be in a container twice the size
  9. I was gonna say feliz. Your size cab though you won't want to get anything bigger than a 150w cfl. I had one in my 5' locker with great ventilation and it still got hot, especially now that summer is around the corner. Heat is going to be an important factor. If you're moving to a bigger cab, you can use your old one for vegging and if your new one is big enough with good ventilation you should look at 150w enclosed hps systems, I got mine off of ebay for $60.
  10. i've got lots of research to do then... I know nothing about HPS-

    How easy is it to get set-up? I don't have much for electrical tools and supplies..

    would a 125w CFL bulb + a few misc. 25-40w bulbs be better? (Heat wise)

    Also... I'm a little bit irritated

    I put my plant in another room last night just for the Lights Off for 12 hours...

    I forgot to close the window blinds... and light was coming in at 8:00 am... i didn't think about it because it totally slipped my mind... So it probably had faint light from 8:00 am till 11:00 am.

    My schedule is Midnight till noon off--- Noon to midnight On....

    Is this really going to bend me over in the end or Am I going to be alright? It's been in flower for about 5-7 days-- i have to check my calander.
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    Read comment above.. and also..

    Would this light bulb work? do I basically just screw it into my sockets? or do i need a ballast and crap? Ultra Sun 150 Watt HPS Lamp High Pressure Sodium Grow Light: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    also i found this.. if i have extra money in a couple paydays..

    Is this what I'd want to get?

    Hows heat with these hps / mh things.. CFL is kind of a pain in a tiny micro when the plnats are so close to the lighst... so how is it with this set-up in a bigger cab?

    plants don't have to be so close to mh/hps.. right?
  12. No anything that's medal halide or high pressure sodium needs a ballast and all that crap. The smallest one that I've found that's ready to go out of the box is a 150w hps enclosed system. Google search that. Again only go hps if you are going into a bigger cab or heat is going to be a huge issue. You could even start a fire. The 150w feliz bulb or any feliz bulb for that matter needs a mogul socket to screw into but those can be plugged directly into the wall. From my previous grows where I used one 150w feliz 2700k I was able to produce 1.5oz dried. That was only when I dialed everything else in. The worst I did was 3/4oz dried. Additional lights would be best but heat will still be an issue with the giant cfl bulbs. I think it's 150w for the first plant and 50w for each additional plant, general rule of thumb sort of thing, so if you just have one plant you won't technically need more than 150w but more is better to a certain extent.

  13. HTG Supply - HTGSupply 150w High Pressure Sodium Grow Light

    Found this on HTG after googling.. Is this what i'm looking for?
    is this more cost effective than buying a couple 60w... 125w.. or 105w CFLS and just including some of my previous bulbs in the grow?

    theres so many godamn lights out there its hard to tell which ones work right.. which ones are just.. Plug and grow etc.. I've no room financially for mistakes on purchases :/
  14. that would work but bc your space is small your better off getting a cool tube
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    it will be for a larger grow- Trash can size.. 13 to 30 gallon size.
    I'm thinking i'll stick with CFL because of the low fire hazard risks invovled- I'm not ready to jump into a 30 gallon size container at the moment although the results from that HPS is phenominal! Gwiito showed me a link to a really nice all in one hps and it's in the price range, especially for quality / amount of salad i'll get from it :) I do have a pretty descent design plan in mind (At least i think so).

    In the next week or two i'll construct the new box.. I'm running out of space even when i tie the streching parts down a bit to even the canopy. It's on week 1.5 or so of an 8 week flower... so it's got lots of growing to do still.

    Picture update here soon!
  16. Looking good. I don't think it will stretch too much taller from what it is. Most big stretch is in the first week or two of flowering. I'd guess It'll maybe get 3 inches taller max. Good amount of veg time with an even canopy seems to make them stretch less, and looks like you tamed yours well.
  17. Wow, those are blooming nicely. Great job on the tie downs too.

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