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  1. it looked as though it was begging for a transplant.. Thought I had enough soil for the new container but I didn't. So its kind of mounded at the moment. Put distilled water with half dose b1 and half dose mg and dumped a liter through it.
  2. Just turned the lights off. Consider this the start of flower :) pics tomorrow night or in the am.
  3. Best of luck too you!! I've followed your posts and its been a good read, so far. My beauty queen is adapting to LST nicely also. Along with LST, I also FIMmed her, so far she's doing ok. Took about 3 days for her to get back in the groove and new growth is sprouting decently. 8 limbs sprouted very fast and are taking off nicely. Planning on giving them a light mist of Epsom later today when I put them into nap time. Been hmming and haaing about taking a cutting off her to clone, but we'll see. I think I might give her 2 more weeks over Veg. I really need to post a pic, lol!!! Keep up the good work and happy growing to ya. :wave:
  4. Thank you buddy, you should get a little journal going! I'm going to take a picture today, but it won't be for a while.. Family is here lol.

    I lst'd some more last night and I cut off some dead leaves. I just cut it back to the stem when I did and after I was done i gave it a little insect, mold, etc ... Mist on the fresh cuts and most undersides of leaves to prevent a miticide breakout and what not. :) since my really shitty transplant with not enough soil.. The leaves finally started perking up like a normal plant lol.
  5. Sorry to but in on your grow.. But, I am a begginer grower and I have a Pinneapple Express clone that I got on 2/13/13 at about 4" tall 2" wide.. So, as of today it is 1'1" and 8" wide. I have had it for 46 days growing indoors. I have been giving it Soul Synthetics nutrients Grow so far, I have the bloom nutrient as well. But when should I switch my lighting from 18-6 to 12-12, and also when do I start adding the bloom instead of the grow... Any info help... Thank you!!!
  6. im a noob on this site.. can you by chnace tell me how to set up my own thread? thanks
  7. There are a few parts here and there that look a little icky, just how a couple of the leaves have looked since they got a little burnt from the insecticide w/ lights on way back when i had a little miticide outbreak (Had them when i bought the clone.. lol)

    snipped some of the really dead ones so it's mostly fresh healthy Green (at least i think lol.. i am a noobie after-all)

    Here's a few photos with my shitty cam off my Cellular Device:






    Any comments / help greatly appreciated!
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    so.. asked how long flower is usually for this yesterday.. and the fellar mentioned 8 weeks.. for an average indoor grow (15-30 babies).

    How long is it going to take for mine? if it is going to take 2 months..... then It's going to end up being way to big for my box i think lol.

    To be honest, i dont know if it's sativa or indica.. I have not compaired pictures or looked it up lol. Hoping it's going to be a very potent mofo though!

    Picking up some PRO MIX HP this week or the next so I can fill in the rest of my new pot i transplanted too, i'm going to run a bunch of water through it though.. It currently has PRO MIX BX i beleive (That's what the buddy gave me with the clones) so i'm just going to toss the hp in there because it's al i can find locally. It's just a little more porous which may be a good thing for me anyway.

    EDIT: post above this with pictures:

    I had sprayed some Water / tiny bit of nutes like 1/50th of recomended dose / and a little epsom salt (Plant based epsom salt) and foliar'd it. It had also been about a week or so since i fed it nutes, so i put a tiny bit of nute water first, then afterwards poured plain distilled water around until just a little more run-off came out.

    The mg 24/8/16 is pretty strong, so gotta be careful with it.. But it most definitely works!

    in a week i'm going to use plain distilled water for about a week or week and a half then let it get about 50% run-off... then After 2 days i'll start my 15/30/15 Bloom Feed (Miracle Grow) at half strength for indoor plants.

    any tips or recomendations are highly appreciated!

    Btw.. sorry i am all over the place when posting / updating and what not. Probably pretty hard to follow lol
  9. I am also a begginer grower, yet I have heard from everyone else that says they grow that not to use Miracle Grow, you need a different nutrient solution..Also, your pH levels are really important. Usually between 5.5 and 6.5 is the pH range everyones been telling me.
  10. They recommend not using it because they don't know how to properly.. People usually burn their plants with it. starting small is key.. One feeding per three or four waterings :)

    Its all about the npk and properly flushing/ etc. just need to make sure you don't have any left in the plants system by harvest to hadn't better taste and less harshness. I do agree today pH if important, but it seems to be doing alright now. Getting a good pH kit with my new soil this week it the next
  11. Oh gotcha!! as I said I am a begginer and was just going by what I have heard... Was wondering if you knew, When someone says a 58 day flowering clone? What is it that they are saying exactly. Also, have you found and tips on additives to increase yield size and nug density? Thanks :)
  12. Oh yeah.. Usually if you put under letter m and g together... People tend to freak out and say hell no lol.

    This is my first grow personally lol. I recommend stick to growing one with the absolute basics... Then after you have a harvest that is when you want to throw in an extra here and there. I wouldn't even bother researching it until you have a basic grow under the belt. That's what I'm doing and has been recommended by several reputable growers here.
    Challenge of first grow is to have it survive hahaha.
    As for the flowering, just a guess is from the day you switch to 12-12 is how long it takes for it to fully flower and finish producing buds :)
  13. "Usually if you put under letter m and g together... People tend to freak out and say hell no lol." What do you mean?

    Also how do you know when to change from 18-6 to 12-12?

    Sorry for all the ?s
  14. I used my phone to reply.. Meant when you put the letters m and g together lol.

    Ppl bash mg a lot, but half have never tried it lol or never thought about using in moderation.

    When its one third the size you want you switch lights (usually) if its a micro grow. Anything larger scale I'm not sure buddy.

  15. I'm no expert, but, I believe its a matter of choice for switching to 12/12. That and the varying strain. Plus, add in the factor of how big a grow your doing, your space, how many plants, etc. Myself, I'm shooting for 8 weeks Veg, then switch. Many factors like how big a yield etc. Heck, you can let one veg for 4 weeks and then go to flower. Granted, your dry weight will be very small, but it makes for good practice, plus a little treat to enjoy!!

    Happy growing!!
  16. true. I myself only did veg for three Weeks or so on my clone, some do flower from seed and do several small plants, there's a lot of people on this forum that do it or do that a few times for practice :) In micro though, typically want it one fourth to one third the size of you're box because its still going to grow a lot in flower. And some, like me.. Do twenty four on during veg then twelve on off for flower :)

    Please people -go to the last post with pictures and let me know how they look lol. I'm confident they look alright...just good to have someone with experIence take a look, lol
  17. I think they look good. My suggestion to keep down some stretching, top her. That way over the next couple weeks instead of focusing on just stretching it will focus on growing two new tops. After you top her though, once, the only thing you should be doing is tying her back down when she stretches. Good luck.
    Stay stoned
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    So I can top even though I started flower the other day? Also, could I cut a few old sorta dead leaves off here and there throughout the grow to stunt stretch growth?

    I would have switched the lights sooner but it was looking pretty burnt and uglyuntil I started updating again.. I hear you want it healthy before you jump to flower..

    Can I top the main main one and the other larger main branch? It sort of split in two at the base of the stem, one larger main one and another large branch, with less girth. I guess this question only applies if its not to late to top since I switched lights two or three days ago
  19. A few days into it isn't going to be bad. It's pre flowering now so it's going to stretch. I would top it now and then never again cut anything off unless it's dead matter.
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    Can I top both main tips?
    there are two main branches from the base of the plant.. But one is about twice the length and girth.

    Also.. I don't know the difference between tying it down and lst.. I don't want to anciently lst it to death or do it wrong while its in flower. Already got a few pre flowers :)
    I think I fim'd, don't know lol.
    Did it to the main one, though

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