New Clones, First Grow, Time To CFL

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    What's in the soil? Slow release nutrients? Did you get Scotts soil? And did you get any kind of pH test kit?

    Sorry for all the questions, but they might help me help you.
  2. thanks again for your quick response man, I am going to let it just chill, it looks like there is a little new growth, so that is good. I just unburied the other little clone and this is what I saw..
    As for the other guy...



    Taco-ing of some leaves and weird curling, but other than that its looking pretty good :) pics of set-up will be added later

  3. I'm buYing pH kit tomorrow from Walmart for 7 biz and I do not know a lot about the soil, its high quality that my friend used on his grows. I will ask though tomorrow. I do not think there are any time release
  4. From the looks of it, those were some pretty fresh clones, the one you pulled doesn't seem to have any root growth. Which means that the other one, if it's not the same clone probably doesn't have alot of root growth, if any, like the one you pulled. At this point you really don't want to feed her nutes. A. No roots to soak up the nutes b. It's wasteful c. If it's isn't something that helps the roots it's probably doing more harm than good.
    When you get your pH test kit definitely see if they have any b1. Either thrive alive, which is more expensive or the generic b1 that's at most major hardware stores. B1 helps promote healthy roots and makes it so your plant is more resilient to harsh conditions.

    The condition of your plant isn't bad, the droopy leaves could be a result of over watering her or it could be a deficiency. I think when you have your pH kit you'll have a better idea of what could be going on.
    Stay stoned
  5. Light proof, two fans, three passive intake holes that have fresh air bring pulled into the box from three different areas inside... Back, front, middle for air to come in evenly in the box and rise to the fans by the lights. Plants in another room with all lights off for two hours..

    Screen in the middle is my rack for now, but will become my screen for scrog .. I think it will work.. I tHink I get the concept. Anyway let me know what you guys think.



  6. Sounds good...

    And yea.. that one is a cutting, not a clone. I don't see any roots. My clones always look like crap then do just fine once they get roots and planted into good soil. The other one should be real easy to turn around. It probably has some roots since it's not looking under-watered. If you wanted to save the one with no roots, you would have had to treat it like an un-rooted cutting--humidity dome etc..
  7. Looks awesome. Do you have any idea what temperatures it runs at? That shelf you have will work perfectly for a scrog and for places to tie it down.
  8. pH meter/adjuster, Epsom salt from planting section, and temp guage are things I will get by the end of the week. Should I search harder to get humidity checker?
    I just moved that corner 2 light to the middle to get better lighting to the plants. They are about 3 inches from the bulbs possibly two in one small spot.
  9. Since I'm still learning the basics, I'm afraid I'm going to let the little one down.. I need to focus on the prize one beings I already can't just leave IT alone lol. I just misted them after their two hour nap
  10. Most temperature gauges will tell you the humidity too. I'm sure there some out there that don't but I would spend a few extra bux to get both in one unit. They range from $15-$25 depending on the features. until you get a temp reading I would suggest removing a couple of the lights. Cfl do get hot enough to burn and from my experience the mini cabinet temps are usually about 10f higher than the outside rooms ambient temps. I think three bulbs would suffice for the size of plant you have. High temps could be another reason for the curling.
  11. Probably a good idea for starters since even if you did save the small one, they would be at different stages in size.

    You gotta just let them grow though. If you deviate from the norm too much by over-spraying, results could be unusual. Gotta let the roots find the nutes. :)

    If you want something to do, look for spider mites. My leaves had little yellow/white dots from mites feeding. It looked very similar to some of the leaves in the first post. You might not find any right now since you've been spraying, but beware. They're way easier to get rid of when you catch them early. Hopefully it's not mites anyway though. They're easy to kill but can be a pain in the ass to completely get rid of. Just keep an eye out. They got me pretty bad before I did enough.
  12. So.. Two 6500 26w and a 42w 2800?
    I might just lower the plants a little too, there's a big diff in temp a few inches below where its at. I week check it in 7 hours.. Its kinds close to the lights, but we will see tomorrow lol.
  13. Everyone has convinced me to just leave or alone lol. I will not spray it at all for about 2 days, then I will spray it.. Then not again for two days. I'm gonna have to Get a magnifying glass at Wallyworld too.

    Small one is just going to hang out in the windowsill lol.
  14. The do list:

    Leave it alone, be patient

    Buy ph kit, Epsom salts, b1 and a little can of white spray paint.

    Its looking like it needs to be watered tomorrow sometime.. Which is prefect because I am out of town for two days after tomorrow.. So I will be able to see a difference before aNd after lol.

    I'm not going to give it any nutes other than a very diluted Epsom salt foliar feeding.. Just a little mist on each leaf underside.

    I moved it down to about 5 or 6 inches from the lights, and there is good lighting all over it.

    Getting rid of the little Guy to focus on the big one.

    Is it going to be bad leaving my lights on 24/0 for two days? I've been doing 22/2.

    Once I get the b1,iwill put that in asap, as recommended by gwiito, to help it thrive through the stress and help its roots do better.

    Any more tips and comments are greatly appreciated and welcome :) this is truly just a big learning experience for me. I can already get my hands on very delicious medicine, I would just like to do this since I legally can a little science project ;).. + GC is an awesome fucking community and I wanted to bring a grow to the table after being inspired by a lot of people.. Mainly the ones who have been posting in here.. I have watched alll of your grows and subbed to them :) all the pm's have been very helpful as well!

  15. LOL
    I like that you had to put leave it alone and be patient on your list. That's hilarious but necessary :D
    Probably the most common mistake from new growers is skipping that part.

    Sounds like a good plan. Epsom salt for foliar feeding is just fine, but a lot of people are against using it on the roots (because it's got salt right in the name, and salty buildups can kill plants).

    B1 seemed to do really well on my very first grow. I stopped using it since I went organic though. B1 smells like the inside of Orchard Supply. I think they must spray the whole store with it. It's good for root development and transplanting.

    24/0 for two days won't hurt. The majority of people prefer having some dark period, but there are a few out there that completely veg on 24/0. They still get it done. I still think it would be better if you could pick up a timer before you go, but it's not a grow breaker (deal breaker).

    Which state are you in BTW? Just wondering... feel free to not answer if paranoia is sinking in.
  16. WA,
    Leave it alone ... Hardest step.
    How much b1 should I use?

    I am hoping the smaller end of the plant will start ro stretch anddd make sites.. Another week and a half till half/half light?

    I'm going to put half a tsp of Epsom salt and dissolve it in a gallon of water.. Dilute it with a very diluted mix of nutes, barely any..mostly nitrogen and foliar it until it has good roots and doesn't show any signs of nute lock.
    I think I'm starting to learn a thing or two from all your guys help so far
  17. I'm sad. I just checked under the leaves and I could see two little white things moving around.. I have no magnifying glass. What do I do?? Spider mites?
  18. Oh good state for weed ;)
    User whatever rate the b1 bottle says.

    Probably at least a week and a half until 12/12 would even start to induce flowering. I'd say probably more like 2 weeks. I'm not experienced with 12/12 from seed though, so that's just from reading on here. It's not an exact number of days or weeks either because genetics changes everything, and then there's all the variation between setups.
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    :hello: First congratulate yourself for finding them early :hello:

    Probably spider mites.

    Now take care of them. They're delicate, so you can usually spray them off with a spray bottle and water. I tiny bit of soap in the water (not sure the amount) helps to suffocate them. That stuff will only lower populations though.

    What I use and used to finally kill them all was this: Green Light Organic Neem Concentrate - Pint 17016: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    And I got rid of all my flowering plants at once. I wouldn't want to smoke neem oil residue, organic or not.

    I think it's just mostly neem oil and soap. The soap suffocates, and the neem fucks with their reproductive cycle. I sprayed every other day for like 3 weeks. It was probably an over-kill, but I wanted them dead. I still spray my vegging plants every once in awhile just in case.
  20. I'm going to get neem oil at the store and spray it asap every couple of hours today and soak it during its two hour nap tonight and continue to spray on occasion for a week or two.. Until flowering basically to be safe. I will mix store with my nutes later if I have to and ph it all.

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